7 Black Vegan Chefs You Should Be Following

Whether you’re looking for an easy side dish, a three-course meal, or a dessert, here’s a list of seven Black vegan chefs to follow for some much-needed inspo. 

1. @iamtabithabrown

Tabitha Brown is one of the most popular vegan content creators. She’s a restaurant owner, an actor, and a bestselling author. She’s also funny and inspirational, and her food reviews are sure to put a smile on your face! 

2. @alexisnikole

Alexis Nikole Nelson is a vegan chef who incorporates foraged foods into her recipes. You can find her in nature hand-picking ingredients to use in her dishes. Follow her to learn sustainable ways to use plants from your own backyard. 

3. @realdonshea

Brooklyn, New York, native Donshea Hopkins is multitalented. She has starred in many TV shows and movies, and now she shares her easy vegan recipes on Instagram. Watch her videos to see how you can elevate your favorite comfort foods. 

4. @onegreatvegan

Gabrielle Reyes is known for her delicious allergen-free recipes. She is an award-winning singer and incorporates her own songs in her TikToks. She also hosts The Colorful Home Cooking Show and The Musical Cooking Show.  


5. @willedmond

Will Edmond is changing the game with his delicious, nutritious dishes. He puts a healthy vegan spin on traditional meals and is also an author. His Down Home Vegan cookbook features lots of mouth-watering recipes.

6. @veganhippiesol 

Dominique Williamson is a published cookbook author who grew up on soul food in the South. She uses her love of Southern cooking to create easy-to-follow recipe videos. Try not to drool too much over her content! 

7. @greens4beans

Need travel inspo, too? Look no further than @greens4beans. She serves up vegan recipes, restaurant guides, and a travel blog. Her videos will bring out your inner adventurer.  


Now that you’ve seen this list, what are you waiting for? Click on the links to get some great ideas from these chefs. Whatever type of dish you’re in the mood for, they have you covered. 

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