‘Star Wars’ Shows Us That Everyone in the Galaxy Deserves Rights 🛸

Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life.

Anakin Skywalker

OK, so Anakin had a villain arc for a minute, but he was The Chosen One for a reason, right? Eventually, he came back to the light, proving that it’s never too late to change your ways.

Star Wars is about the hope of a better future for everyone. Naturally, there are many moments in this cinematic universe when animal rights themes are addressed. Here are a few examples: 🌌


Ezra Bridger

This young Jedi was already a force to be reckoned with before he even discovered he was Force-sensitive! The Robin Hood–like boy fights oppression by stealing from the Empire and giving to the poor (including himself 😹).

From the beginning, Ezra has a connection with the Loth-cat who lives with him. As he trains under Jedi Kanan Jarrus over the course of the show, he also learns to develop a connection with the Loth-wolves and the purrgil (aka “space whales”) who ultimately save his life.

Kanan Jarrus

Before Ezra develops his connection to the Force, he has to learn from Kanan. Although Kanan is unsure of his ability to be a good master, his light has no choice but to shine through, especially when he loses his sight and has to find a new way to see the world around him.

Still learning, Ezra finds himself in a cave surrounded by large krykna spiders. He nearly chooses a violent path to address his situation, but Kanan jumps in to save him and the spiders. The master feels the spiders’ energy rather than judging them by their looks, and he peacefully persuades the arachnids to let them pass.

Kanan also teaches Ezra to respect Bendu, the ancient entity who represents the center balance of the Force. Bendu takes the form of a moose-like animal whose antlers seem to be made of coral.

The pair have a rocky relationship at times, but Kanan ultimately learns balance within himself because of Bendu’s teachings. Kanan acknowledges that his own training was cut short by the Clone Wars, but he grows a lot throughout the series and keeps himself open to learning new, peaceful ways to end oppression.

Hera Syndulla

From an early age, Hera Syndulla felt called to her role as a pilot in the movement for liberation from the Empire. She’s naturally in tune with the world—and her love for her robot sidekick, Chopper, shows that her compassion knows no limits.

Hera is a well-respected member of the Rebel Alliance and an all-around hero who continuously fights for justice and is not to be messed with—especially when she wants some meiloorun fruit. 🍈

Plus, she’s green! If that doesn’t say vegan queen, I don’t know what does. 💚



Ahsoka is such a unique character because she was trained by The Chosen One himself. Learning everything you know from the most-loved Jedi who becomes the most feared Sith has to cause some identity crises. Will she turn to the dark side like her master?

Despite her master’s path, Ahsoka continually chooses life over death when she’s confronted with both.

In Tales of the Jedi, we finally get to see Ahsoka’s backstory. Her family teaches her to confront death as a baby by taking her hunting for animals, but when she gets taken by a raxshir (a tiger-like animal), she connects with him instead. Even as a baby, she chooses to let the raxshir live. Because Ahsoka uses the Force to communicate with him, the animal returns her to her family.

In the recent Ahsoka TV series, she later connects with animals as an adult. In an effort to find her Padawan, Sabine, she asks the purrgil who had saved Ezra to guide her way.

She also has a beautiful connection to Morai, the mystic owl-like animal who shows up in times of need.

Despite all the horrors of war Ahsoka has seen in her life, she still holds on to that child-like innocence that saved her as a baby. She knows that choosing the dark side won’t help her create a better world.


Mace Windu

Mace Windu has one of the coolest side quests in The Clone Wars when he tries to prevent the Zillo Beast from being killed by Palpatine in Season 2, Episode 18.

Unfortunately, Palpatine is so manipulative and evil that Master Windu can’t save the Zillo Beast. Palpatine hides the animal in a lab and forces him to endure cruel experiments for the rest of his life. Clearly, Star Wars is trying to tell us that animal testing falls under the dark side of the Force.

Visit our webpage on experiments to learn more about animal testing and how you can join the light side to help animals.

Tee Watt Kaa, Leader of the Lurmen People

The Lurmen are a peaceful people—so peaceful that they refused to fight the Empire. Here’s what leader Tee Watt Kaa once said:

We will not fight them at all. We would rather die than to kill others.

The Lurmen also get nourishment from raw jogan fruit and harvest giant seed pods for shelter, making them the ultimate low-waste vegans. 🌱



The Last Jedi features two big moments for animals. First, just as Chewbacca is about to eat a dead porg (a chicken-like animal), he sees a group of other porgs watching him and crying. He has a vegan epiphany and decides not to eat the dead body. Instead, he grows to care about the porgs, who stick close by him for the rest of the film.

It’s never too late to change your ways and choose compassion—especially when there are lives at stake. Each year in the U.S., over 300 million chickens are abused for their eggs and over 9 billion chickens are killed for their flesh.

Rose and Finn

Rose helps Finn become an activist for fathiers (aka “space horses”) when she encourages him to look closely at the pain in their eyes while they’re violently forced to race for people’s entertainment at Canto Bight.

Grab a friend to be the Finn to your Rose and help horses and all animals used for entertainment!

These two animal rights–themed scenes were necessary, especially after the gross scenes of Luke in his lowkey villain era (stealing milk from the Thala-siren and then, in a flashback, nearly killing his nephew, Ben). Vegans and nonvegans would agree that the former scene was uncomfortable to watch. 🤢

Stealing milk from animals really is that gross—on film and in the real world. Learn more about the cruelty of dairy and how you can stop supporting it. Everyone deserves to live free from exploitation. 🐔🐴🐮


Din Djarin

Din Djarin (aka “Mando”) was once a bounty hunter who just did his job and didn’t ask questions—until one day, when his assignment was to deliver Grogu into the hands of people who were hunting down and killing the remaining Jedi.

Unable to shake how wrong he feels for taking the assignment, Mando decides to abandon it and instead vows to protect Grogu at all costs. Showing compassion and striving to protect others regardless of their species? This is the way. 😌


Princess Leia

As a child, Princess Leia had a close attachment to her droid, Lola, who has a ladybug-like appearance. The two went on many adventures together, and Leia worried when Lola was hurt. Like Hera, Leia shows no limits in her compassion.

In Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia forms a strong connection with the Ewoks and helps them kick out the invaders of their forest moon, Endor. One might think it would be hard for Leia—someone who had to grow up fast and has only known war her entire life—to take a step back to experience the Ewoks’ peaceful existence, but she quickly adapts to their natural lifestyle.

Despite her sometimes rough exterior, Leia has a lot of her mother (and the good of her father) in her. She will always fight for the underdog—both on the battlefield and in the Senate. 💙


Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma appears in various Star Wars movies and series as the voice of government. She represents the spirit of urging legislators to make changes—which, on our planet, could include laws to promote animal rights.

Considering that she’s a social justice activist, it wouldn’t surprise us if she’s vegan.

In Andor, she worries for her daughter, who is regressing into harmful traditions of the past. Clearly, she understands the need to update societal practices to reflect more accepting morals.


If you’re watching a Star Wars film or series episode (or any other movie or show) and you find an animal rights theme, e-mail us at [email protected] to let us know! And be sure to encourage your favorite movie studios and TV networks to keep live animals out of their projects.


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