Mission: What to Do If You See a Baby Bird on the Ground

Baby birds are the actual cutest. 😍🐤 If you see a baby bird on the ground, you may wonder if they need your help. Some of them do, and some really, really don’t. 😶 Find out when and how to help them—and then spread the word to others!  

Fledglings vs. Nestlings

If you see a baby bird with a mix of fuzzy down and adulty feathers, you’ve found a fledgling. These juvenile birds have “fledged” from their nests and are learning to fly. 🥺 Fledglings are often “rescued” when they don’t need to be—but if they’re injured or in danger, they do need your help. 🆘

PETA-owned image from https://www.peta2.com/learn/so-you-found-a-baby-bird-now-what/ for the baby bird mission

Nestlings are baby birds with few or no feathers who are too young to leave the nest. If you see one on the ground, they need your help ASAP. 🚨 But how you should help them depends on whether they’re injured or if you can see their nest—doing things correctly is crucial for the bird’s safety. 😲

PETA-owned image from https://www.peta.org/action/how-to-save-baby-birds/ for the baby bird mission

Help Baby Birds

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy-to-follow guide with all the deets on helping baby birds? 🤷 Oh, wait—there totally is. 😅🙏 We made a guide that takes you through a bunch of scenarios. Use it when you see a baby bird on the ground, and share it with your followers to earn 15 peta2 points in our Rewards Program. 👌👌👌 Here’s what to do:

1. Share this IG post on your story and take a screenshot.

PETA-owned image from Calvin M for the baby bird mission

2. Submit the screenshot for 15 peta2 points. (Heads-up: You’ll only get points once for taking this action.)

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