Mission: Hey, Cedar Point: Animals Shouldn’t Be Used for Human Amusement

You’d expect some thrills when going to an amusement park—but having to run for your life isn’t on anyone’s family fun list, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened at Cedar Point in Ohio when two camels named Sampson and Artie escaped from the park’s “petting zoo” and galloped down the midway, threatening visitors. 😨 Just days later, Cedar Point was back in the news when a herd of goats got loose, became frightened, and ran through the park. 🤦

While it’s scary af that these events took place, it’s not super-surprising. Forcing animals to endure noisy crowds and the roar of roller coasters is a severe stressor. It deprives them of everything that’s natural and meaningful to them and messes with their health and well-being. 😢

Displaying animals in this manner is straight-up dangerous for everyone. Camels have killed humans after escaping from venues like this one, and petting zoos are hotbeds of disease. Hundreds of people have gotten sick at these businesses, and several children have died from infections linked to them. 😱

PETA-owned image for the Cedar Point mission

Treating animals as theme park attractions is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview. If Cedar Point keeps exploiting them, it’s only a matter of time before the park’s bad decision-making will lead to injuries—or worse. Please politely urge the theme park to stop displaying animals and to stick to thrill rides and roller coasters instead! Here’s how to do it:

1. Write a polite e-mail to Richard A. Zimmerman, President & CEO of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, at [email protected], urging him to stop displaying animals. You can use our sample letter, but remember that using your own words is more effective.

PETA-owned image for the Cedar Point mission

2. Take a screenshot of your message and submit it for 15 30 peta2 points. You’ll earn double the rewards points all summer long for taking action to help animals on peta2.com! (Heads-up: You’ll only get points once for taking this action.)

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