Mission: Honor Lolita—Help Free the Dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium to a Seaside Sanctuary

Update (September 26, 2023): Following Lolita’s death, her former dolphin tankmate Li’i has been relocated to SeaWorld San Antonio, where he’s condemned to spend the rest of his life in yet another concrete cell. By violating its promise to send Li’i to a seaside sanctuary, the Miami Seaquarium has failed this long-suffering dolphin, just as it failed Lolita. PETA is urging the Seaquarium to release all the remaining dolphins there to seaside sanctuaries before it’s too late for them, too.

We have some seriously tragic news: On August 18, Lolita died in the world’s smallest orca tank at the Miami Seaquarium. 💔

For 53 years after she was abducted from her ocean home, Lolita was denied even a minute of freedom. There were plans to move her to a seaside sanctuary—but it’s obvi too late now. It’s not too late, though, for the other dolphins imprisoned at the marine park.

Let’s honor Lolita in the most compassionate way possible. Help us get her fellow dolphins the freedom they deserve. 🐬🌊

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Suffering at the Miami Seaquarium

The lives of dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium are really restricted. In their natural homes, dolphins can swim up to 60 miles a day with their fams. But at the Miami Seaquarium, all they can do is swim in endless circles in tiny tanks. Think about how frustrating it would be to live this way for years. 😤

Holding them captive for amusement is an example of straight-up-speciesism—a belief in human supremacy—and it has to stop now. The other dolphins trapped in this marine park prison need our help before they die in a tiny tank like Lolita.

PETA-owned image of dolphins from https://www.peta.org/action/action-alerts/miami-seaquarium-release-dolphins/
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What You Can Do

Politely urge The Dolphin Company—the owner of the Miami Seaquarium—to release the remaining dolphins at the facility to a seaside sanctuary. They deserve to finally enjoy freedom—and the clock is ticking. ⏲️

1. Draft an email politely asking The Dolphin Company to release the dolphins. Please feel free to use our sample letter below, but remember that using your own words is always more effective.

Dear Mr. Albor:

I was heartbroken to learn that Lolita passed away before having the opportunity to dive deep and swim freely in a seaside sanctuary and that her former dolphin tankmate, Li’i, has been condemned to spending the rest of his life in a concrete cell at SeaWorld. I hope you’ll move the remaining dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium to a sanctuary, before they suffer the same fate as Lolita.

Dozens of companies have severed ties with marine parks that hold cetaceans captive. In the U.S., the National Aquarium is building a seaside sanctuary for the dolphins in its care. Two whales have been moved from a marine park in China to a sanctuary in Iceland, in Indonesia captive dolphins were rehabilitated at a sanctuary and released into the sea, and you made history with the announcement earlier this year of plans to move Lolita and Li’i to a seaside sanctuary.

All eyes are on you to do the right thing and honor beloved Lolita’s memory. Will you please move all the surviving dolphins to a seaside sanctuary?

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

2. Send your email to:

Eduardo Albor

CEO, The Dolphin Company

[email protected]

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