Mission: Oregon Health & Science University Is Mutilating Pigs—Let’s End This Horror

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon, is cutting into live pigs. 😨 The school is using the animals as stand-ins for humans in obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) residency training. We’re pretty sure a university dedicated to health and science should know that pigs and humans have very different bodies. That’s health and science 101. 🤔

There’s another huge difference between the pigs and the humans they replace: The school kills all pigs who make it through the training alive. We’re calling for OHSU to immediately stop using live animals and switch to simulators and other far better teaching methods. Practicing on pigs is cruel and completely pointless.

Image of a pig from PETA's OHSU AA

Please help us get OHSU to ban the use of live animals for OB/GYN residency training! Take action and earn peta2 points in our Rewards Program. (Heads-up: You’ll only be awarded points for one action.)

1. E-mail OHSU staff. Copy and paste the block of e-mail addresses in the “To” field of your e-mail to contact them all with one message. You can use our sample message, but feel free to tweak it, as using your own words is much more effective. Take a screenshot of your e-mail and submit it using the form below to earn 15 peta2 points.

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Suggested e-mail:

Please Stop Using Live Animals in OB/GYN Residency Training


I’m writing to urge you to adopt a public policy banning the use of live animals in your OB/GYN residency training program. Pigs and other animals can’t accurately mimic human anatomy or physiology, so operating on them does not properly prepare students to perform invasive procedures on human patients.

Superior animal-free human simulators are available. They are cheaper in the long run and are being used—instead of animals—by OB/GYN residency programs at Henry Ford Health, Rush University, Aurora Sinai Medical Center, and many other institutions. I strongly urge you to adopt their use, too, and stop using live animals in your training program.

Thank you for your time and attention.


[Your Name]

2. Call the interim dean of the OHSU School of Medicine, Dr. Nathan Selden, at 503-494-8220. Tell him why the school should stop mutilating pigs in pointless training exercises, take a screenshot of your call, and submit it for 15 peta2 points.

Dr. Nathan Selden

Interim Dean

OHSU School of Medicine


PETA-owned screenshot of OHSU call
PETA-owned screenshot of OHSU call log

3. Write a comment to OHSU on Instagram or Twitter, take a screenshot of your comment, and submit it for 15 peta2 points.

PETA-owned screenshot of OHSU comment

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