Mission: Start a Petition Against Animal Dissection at School

Have you asked your teacher or principal for humane options in place of animal dissection but failed to get anywhere? 😒 No need to panic—you can step up your campaign game by starting a petition! Gather signatures from your classmates in support of your right to say no to cutting dead animals apart.

Is a Petition the Move?

Here’s an easy way to tell if now’s the right time to start a petition—just answer these questions:

1. Have you looked at your class syllabus to find out how animals will be used?

2. Have you double-checked that your class doesn’t already offer humane options?

3. Have you met with your teacher or principal to talk about why you don’t want to dissect animals and go over non-animal replacements?

If you answered yes to all three questions and your school still isn’t budging, it’s petition o’clock. 📝⏰

Why Would a Petition Work?

It’s all about the numbers. 💪 As more students speak out against animal dissection, school officials will be more likely to follow popular demand. Petitions have been super-powerful tools in countless protests throughout history and have helped achieve huge social change W’s. When you give your teacher or principal a petition sheet filled with students’ names, you’re showing just how many people want humane options.

How to Get Classmates On Board

Lots of young people are already against animal dissection—it’s cruel, pointless, and gross. If your classmates are still a bit iffy, try giving them this info:

  • Animals have their own thoughts, feelings, and relationships, and they don’t want to die so that students can cut into their bodies.
  • More than 10 million animals are used for dissection every year. They might have been snatched from their homes in nature, bred in warehouses, or cut from their mothers’ wombs before taking their first breath. 😭
  • Not one U.S. medical school uses animals to teach medical students.
  • Humane options are better in every way—they save animals, generally cost less, offer better learning experiences, and don’t expose students or teachers to formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals used to preserve animals’ corpses. 😷
  • Your state might already protect your right to refuse to dissect animals—check here.
  • This is about freedom. Animals deserve the freedom to enjoy their lives, and students deserve the freedom to say no to activities that go against their core beliefs.

So, are you ready to lead the student drive against exploiting animals at your school? Follow these three steps to pull off a prime anti–animal dissection petition:

1. Download and print this petition sheet and ask your classmates to sign on in support.  

2. Share the signed petition with your teacher or principal when asking for humane options.

3. Upload a picture of the signed petition for 25 peta2 points in our Rewards Program.

Text peta2 to 30933 for ways to help animals, tips on compassionate living, and more!

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