Mission: Tell SeaWorld How You Really Feel

Ahhh, SeaWorld: a place that has torn orcas away from their families, forcibly breeds bottlenose dolphins, and imprisons animals in tiny tanks. 💔

Orcas and other dolphins can swim dozens of miles a day in the open ocean. Confining them to tiny tanks is like forcing a human to live in a bathtub. Most of the marine animals exploited at SeaWorld were either abducted from their homes in the ocean or bred into a lifetime of confinement. These intelligent social beings weren’t put on Earth to entertain us.

If you care about dolphins, whales, and other sea life, help us take over SeaWorld’s Instagram page so that every single time consumers look at it, they see the truth about this abusive industry.

Here’s what to do:

1. Go to SeaWorld’s Instagram page and comment on any post using a message of your choice. Here are some ideas:

  • Animals are NOT ours to use for entertainment. Please NEVER go to SeaWorld.
  • SeaWorld imprisons animals in tiny, barren tanks. #BoycottSeaWorld
  • Marine animals should be in the ocean, NOT in tiny tanks. #EmptyTheTanks
  • It’s beyond time to send orcas to seaside sanctuaries!

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