Mission: Change a Friend’s Life—Text Them Our ‘Guide to Going Vegan’

Have you hit a brick wall in trying to get one of your besties to go vegan? 🧱😩 No worries—sometimes, all a person needs is a helping hand. 👋 Text or DM them our free “Guide to Going Vegan” to spark their vegan journey!

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Why Go Vegan?

We’ll say this ’til the end of time—going vegan is the best way to help animals. You’ll save nearly 200 lives per year and prevent cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals from being abused and exploited. 🐮🐷🐔❤️ Plus, you’ll cut down your carbon footprint and boost your health. 🌎💪 Best of all, you can double your impact by getting a friend to go vegan—just think of everyone you’ll be helping. 😍

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What’s the ‘Guide to Going Vegan’?

No matter what you’re tryna accomplish, you’ll be much more likely to succeed if you have the right support. That’s where peta2 takes the wheel. 😏🚗 Our “Guide to Going Vegan” has recipes, shopping lists, tips on tweaking your fave meals to be animal-friendly, and more. This support can srsly propel someone to succeed—and did we mention it’s free? 🤯

How You Can Earn peta2 Points

The only thing that could make this deal better is a reward—and that’s exactly what you’ll get. 😁 Follow these steps to give one of your friends a compassionate gift and earn 15 peta2 points in our Rewards Program:

1. Send this link to a friend through text, WhatsApp, or DM to help them go vegan.

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2. Take a screenshot of your message and submit it for 15 peta2 points. (Heads-up: You’ll only get points once for taking this action.)

Text peta2 to 30933 for ways to help animals, tips on compassionate living, and more!

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