Mission: Give Turkeys Something to Be Thankful for This Holiday

You may spend the days before holiday gatherings shopping for ingredients for your favorite recipes, prepping gifts for friends and family members, or making a list of talking points for issues you care about—because you’ve gotta be ready for Aunt Susan’s judgy comments.

But the days prior to Thanksgiving look very different for the 46 million turkeys who are killed for holiday centerpieces. 💔

When they’re only a few weeks old, these gentle birds are crowded into filthy, windowless sheds with thousands of other turkeys. Workers cut off portions of their toes and upper beaks with hot blades and de-snood the males. (The snood is the flap of skin that runs from the beak to the chest.) These procedures are done without any pain relief. Can you imagine having the skin under your chin cut off with a pair of scissors?!

Don’t let Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday celebration be their demise.

Turkey looking off at other turkeys in a field

Turkeys are super-smart. They can recognize human faces, and they’re great parents. Like the dogs and cats we share our homes with, they feel joy, fear, and pain. Just because they might look different from you and me doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our love and protection. Ready to give turkeys something to be thankful for this year?

Here’s what to do:

1. On social media, make a post or story giving at least one reason why you’re choosing to leave turkeys off your plate this holiday season.

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