Mission: Show Some Love for Animals With These Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re like us, you’re all about Valentine’s Day. 😍 It’s the perf time to buy yourself a box or two of vegan chocolates, tell others your true feelings, and dedicate an entire day to one of the best things ever: love. 💘 We know it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but let’s remember one important fact: Humans aren’t the only animals with the capacity to love.

Elephants mourn and cry if a member of their fam dies, male mice sing to their mates, and mother cows may walk for miles to protect their babies. 🐘🐁🐄 There are countless examples of animals showing their love, and it’s our job to make sure we aren’t putting them through heartbreak. 💔

PETA-owned image of the Valentine's Day cards from Paige S

How to Earn peta2 Points

Send out our printable Valentine’s Day cards to let others know how much you care and remind them that animals have the ability to love, too. By doing so, you’ll give people a one-of-a-kind gift and earn 25 peta2 points in our Rewards Program. 😎 Just follow these instructions:

1. Print out these Valentine’s Day cards for the special someone(s) in your life.

PETA-owned image for the Valentine's Day cards example from Calvin M

2. Take a pic of your card and submit it for 25 peta2 points. (Heads-up: You’ll only get points once for taking this action.)

Text peta2 to 30933 for ways to help animals, tips on compassionate living, and more!

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