6 Reasons Why Vegan Wings > Chicken Flesh for Your Super Bowl Snack

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. 🏈 While the game may be exciting for a lot of people, it’s a heartbreaking time for millions of chickens. 💔🐔 Americans eat about 1.4 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl. That means around 350 million chickens are killed for wings just for this one event. 😲

If you want to celebrate the Super Bowl without harming chickens, vegan wings are the move. 😎 There are tons of tasty options you can buy at the store, like Gardein’s Ultimate Plant-Based Chik’n Wings, MorningStar Farms’ Veggie Buffalo Wings, jack & annie’s’ Buffalo Jack Wings, and so many more! Here are six reasons why eating vegan wings is infinitely better than eating chicken flesh:

1. Farmed Chickens Live Miserably

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More chickens are raised and killed for food than all other land animals combined. They’re forced to gain weight so quickly that some of them struggle to even walk. Many of them will never know what it’s like to spend time outside, nest comfortably, or do anything else that’s natural and important to them. 😢 Btw, many of the same cruel factory farm practices still take place on “humane” farms. Allowing chickens to have a few extra inches of space isn’t enough—there’s just no such thing as “humane meat.”

2. They Die Violently

PETA-owned image from U.K. investigation for the chickens super bowl article

Just seven weeks after they hatch, chickens are crowded onto trucks headed for the slaughterhouse. Once there, they’re shackled upside down by their legs and their throats are slit while they’re still conscious. 😰 Many of them are scalded to death. 😱 No Super Bowl snack is worth causing other beings with thoughts, feelings, and relationships to suffer in this way.

3. If You’re Eating Chicken, You’re Likely Eating Poop

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A Consumer Reports study found that over half the chicken breasts sampled had fecal contaminants like E. coli. If you’re chowing down on a dead chicken, you’re almost guaranteed to be eating literal poop. 😶 In March 2013, Foster Farms had to recall chicken products linked to an antibiotic-resistant strain of salmonella that had been making humans sick for over a year. According to The Washington Post, inspection reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found mold growth, cockroaches, fecal matter, and “unidentified foreign material” on chicken carcasses. 🤢 Idk about you, but that doesn’t sound too appetizing to me.

4. Speaking of Poop …

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Raising 9 billion chickens for their flesh on factory farms each year produces a 💩-load of 💩. Peter Cheeke, a professor emeritus at Oregon State University, says that factory farming causes widespread pollution via fecal matter. Chickens are often fed huge amounts of antibiotics and additives, so some chemicals come out in their feces, which is disastrous for the environment. 🚨 In Maryland and West Virginia, scientists discovered that male fish are developing ovaries, which they think is due to their ingestion of runoff from drug-packed chicken feces.

5. Factory Farming Harms Humans, Too

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Chickens raised for their flesh are also crammed into massive sheds by the thousands and fed antibiotics and drugs to keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them. You know what treating chickens this way does? 🤔 It speeds up the development of drug-resistant bacteria, making drugs less effective in treating human health conditions. 😬 Big yikes.

6. NFL Fan? Take It From These Former Players

On October 4, 2016, Jared Cook—a former Green Bay Packers tight end—found a fried chicken head in his takeout chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. 😨 Reportedly, this made him consider cutting out meat from his diet. He wouldn’t be the only NFL player to think twice about eating cruelly produced foods—former San Francisco 49ers star quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick is vegan and still in amazing shape at 36 years old. 💪

These are just some of the many reasons why going vegan is one of the best choices you’ll ever make. 😊 You’ll be saving hundreds of animals per year, reducing your carbon footprint, and improving your health while enjoying delish food like vegan wings. 😋 Order a freeGuide to Going Vegan” for the recipes, shopping lists, and tips you need to make the transition so much smoother.


Hungry for more animal-friendly Super Bowl chow? We have exactly what you need: a whole playbook full of mouthwatering vegan game-day snacks!

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