Here’s What’s Wrong With ‘Easter Eggs’ 

Easter is no celebration for chickens, the most abused animals on the planet. Each year in the U.S., approximately 305 million hens are used for their eggs—including Easter eggs. 

Are you sitting near your notebook? Grab a piece of paper to visualize this. Most chickens spend their entire life in a filthy shed with tens of thousands of other birds, each getting less space than a sheet of paper. Intense crowding and confinement lead to outbreaks of disease. 💔

This Easter, help save lives by spreading the word that chickens are not ours to use for their eggs! Here are a few ways you can do this: 

  • Use vegan Easter eggs, and encourage others to do the same. Ceramic eggs look and feel just like chicken eggs, and buying them doesn’t support cruelty to any sentient being. Wooden, ceramic, and cardboard eggs can be found at craft stores, online, at Target, and even at your local dollar store. 
  • Print out our updated Easter egg PDF. Fold up copies and put them into those little plasticeggs you can find at many stores, or just hand them out to your friends.  
  • Share this page with your friends and family. 

Think “cage-free” is better? Think again. Celebrate a compassionate Easter by choosing not to support the egg industry, and practice kindness in your everyday life by going vegan—you’ll save nearly 200 animals every year! 

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