’70s, ’80s, and ’90s: Animal-Friendly Fashion From Each Decade

Nostalgia is stronger than ever—even for decades we weren’t alive yet to experience. 😆 The ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s are basically bottomless wells of fashion inspo—just make sure that any retro style you try out matches your modern animal rights mindset. Here’s how to pull off ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s looks without harming animals:


For carefree, relaxed vibes, you can’t beat ’70s style. To avoid feeling costumey, try blending ’70s-inspired clothing with a modern twist. You can wow the crowd in miniskirts, bell-bottom jeans, chunky turtlenecks, suave jackets, and cowboy boots.

When you’re planning your fit, be sure to avoid leather and suede boots and jackets. Leather is made from the skin of cows and other animals—which is sometimes peeled off them while they’re still alive. FYI, suede is the underside of an animal’s skin. 🐮😨 Watch out for these materials on boots, jackets, or patches on the back of some jeans. Go for vegan leather and suede options instead—they’re strong, stylish, and animal-friendly.

Wear this: miniskirts, chunky turtlenecks, bell-bottom jeans without leather patches, and vegan leather and suede jackets/cowboy boots

DON’T wear this: leather and suede jackets/boots or jeans with a leather patch


If you love glitz and glamour, ’80s fashion is right up your alley. The ’80s emphasized excess, so don’t be afraid to go all-out with your look. ✨ Some iconic staples of the decade include bright-colored blazers, spandex, sequins, big hair, and bold makeup.

You know what def isn’t glamorous? Propping up cruelty to animals. That’s why you should never wear wool blazers, which would support mutilating and terrorizing sheep, or animal-derived furs, which would support slaughtering foxes, minks, and other furry animals. Always check to make sure any hair or makeup products you use are 100% vegan and never tested on animals.

Wear this: spandex, sequins, bright-colored wool-free blazers, cruelty-free and vegan hair and makeup products, faux fur

DON’T wear this: wool, fur, or products that aren’t cruelty-free


It seems like the ’90s are just gonna be eternally influential. Minimalist fashion trends are much appreciated in today’s expensive world. 💲 Simple clothing items like knee socks, skirts, cargo pants, hoodies, combat boots, plaid tops, and puffer jackets can be great choices on a budget.

Make sure your budget-friendly clothing is also animal-friendly. Skip any skirts or socks made of wool in favor of those made of organic cotton or other vegan materials. Avoid puffer jackets stuffed with down feathers, which humans get from ducks and geese who were shackled upside down in slaughterhouses and stabbed in the neck. 🦆😭 Thankfully, combat boots like Doc Martens come in tons of vegan varieties.

Wear this: Wool-free socks and skirts, cargo pants, hoodies, vegan Doc Martens, plaid tops, and down-free puffer jackets

DON’T wear this: Wool or down feathers


Take on even more retro trends by getting these cruelty-free vintage makeup looks. You can try out the hottest styles from the ’30s through the ’90s using beauty brands that never test on animals.

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