Grow Your Own Veggies With Help From These 8 Young Gardeners

Want to help the environment, decrease your stress, and gain access to fresh vegan food at the same time? Try gardening! 🌱 Planting vegetables in an urban or community garden can be beneficial for your well-being.

Growing your own food can also be great for your wallet by saving on trips to the grocery store. There are lots of reasons to grow your own veggies if you have access to a community garden or space in your own yard. Why not start today?

Get inspired by these eight young gardeners who influence millions to make eco-friendly changes in their lives:


Madeline shares gardening tips and tricks—such as how to grow “endless” basil by repotting a few leaves each time—with her followers. She proves that even a small garden can be extremely productive—her 300-square-foot garden regularly yields squashes, potatoes, and green beans.


Ellen Miles (@octaviachill) is a master of “guerilla gardening,” or turning run-down spaces into blooming gardens. This TikToker can help you transform unused land in your community into a lush garden for easy-to-grow foods like cherry tomatoes and leafy greens.


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Jack is a trained permaculture teacher who gives expert gardening tips—such as planting lettuce and spring onions next to each other and upcycling plastic jugs to retain hydration during droughts. He maintains a gorgeous outdoor garden and shows how some plants, including broccoli microgreens, thrive in indoor environments.  


Check out @justalkalinevegan to follow a veggie’s journey from seed to table. Videos of the colorful zucchini, peppers, and squashes she grows—paired with her veggie-based recipes for tamales, mushroom tenders, and pasta salad—give her profile a brilliant aesthetic.

As you can tell by her username, Sabrina is all about promoting sustainability. She also practices what she preaches, showing us how she follows the “square foot method” to grow more food in tight spaces and uses a DIY irrigation system to water her pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

the #squarefootgardening offers a number of benefits for both beginner and experienced gardeners. They are space efficient, easy to maintain, reduce pests, and tend to require less weeding and watering 💃 #gardening #gardening101 #gardeninghacks #gardentok #beginnergardener #raisedgardenbeds #earthmonth #sustainableliving #gardeningtips #ecotok #gardeningforbeginners

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Growing food in raised garden beds—boxes or containers filled with soil—can make your garden neater and allow you to grow on top of concrete, wood, or grass. If you want to try raised bed gardening, this TikTok account is your holy grail. 🙏


Worried you don’t have enough space to grow food? Jessica shows us how to optimize outdoor and indoor areas by planting in pots, beds, and containers. Her videos walk us through solving common garden problems and growing potatoes, carrots, kale, and other veggies in small spaces.


Garden chores are in full swing today! It’s rare that I have a free Saturday so I’m taking full advantage. #gardenchores #gardenwork #gardenlife #gardentok

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Clayton, a teenager with nonverbal autism, and his mom, Katrina, run this account to document gardening’s therapeutic benefits. While their garden in Scotland is bigger than a typical apartment courtyard, you can transfer many of their small plot lessons directly to your urban or community garden.


Are you a bit too busy to start a garden right now? That’s OK—you can still be vegan without growing your own food. It’s never been easier to find delicious plant-based products in stores and restaurants. Order a free “Guide to Going Vegan” for tasty recipes, nutritional tips, shopping cart picks, and more!

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