10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Stick Up for Animals

Think about this triple dose of positivity: Buying animal test-free beauty products from Black-owned brands and companies will save animals, help close the racial wealth gap, and give your beauty routine a major boost. 🤯 Here are 10 of our fave Black-owned beauty brands or companies that don’t test on animals:

1. The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot Company is a go-to for animal test-free feminine-care products. Everything it offers is made with natural ingredients, like apple cider vinegar, hemp seed, and aloe vera.


This brand gets its inspo straight from nature. 🌼 JACQ’S makes beauty products (using tropical ingredients sourced locally in South Florida) for tons of skin types and beauty concerns.

3. Dimension Nails

These folks are big animal advocates. Many of the company’s nail polish colors are inspired by the animals they’re named after, enabling you to learn something about a new animal with each shade. To top it off, Dimension Nails donates 5% of all sales to animal charities, shelters, and sanctuaries. 🤩


KAIKE has you covered for compassionate skincare, bath and body, and other beauty needs. The brand makes its products with simple ingredients like mango butter and candelilla wax—never with animal-derived ingredients. 🐑🐛🐟💗

5. Black Girl Sunscreen


Protect your skin from the sun’s rays (without getting that nasty white cast left behind) by using Black Girl Sunscreen products. ☀️ Add a sunscreen with SPF 30, 45, or 50 to your daily routine to reduce your risk of skin cancer and discoloration.

6. Joséphine Cosmetics

Taking influence from the elegance and glam of the 1920s, Joséphine Cosmetics has a simply stunning selection. 😍 Reward your eyes, lips, and skin by picking up some of its products.

7. Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine has dozens of vegan products to keep you looking your best. 💁 One of the company’s 59 shades of matte lip paint is sure to be your new fave color.

8. Kyra’s Shea Medleys

Ready for glowing skin and hair? Get some butters, conditioners, and other products from Kyra’s Shea Medleys and let the natural, organic ingredients work their magic. 🧙

9. Mixed Chicks

Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, or coily hair, Mixed Chicks has top-tier products for you. 👌 Pick up some styling cream, detangling conditioner, or volumizer at drugstores, beauty-supply stores, Target, and other locations.

10. OBIA Naturals

OBIA Naturals def leans hard into natural—it’s all about vegan, herbal-based, and pH- balanced products. 🥰 From curl hydration to body lotion, the company puts out high-quality beauty items without ever harming animals in the process.


If you’re wondering whether a certain brand or company tests on animals, look it up in our cruelty-free database. PETA is constantly convincing businesses to hop on board the animal test–free train. Check out one of our latest victories with Axe—the world’s #1 men’s fragrance brand.

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