Don’t Give UGG a Platform: Brands to Buy Instead

There’s nothing fashionable about cruelty to animals. UGGs are made with sheepskin and wool, and it’s no secret that sheep are exploited and killed for that trendy pair of boots. 

UGG uses wool, down, and leather in its products, and the industries that produce these materials have been repeatedly shown to be anything but humane for the animals they exploit. The company had previously assured its customers that these materials were humanely sourced, which is impossible.

After PETA issued a cease and desist to UGG for humane-washing its products, the company removed claims from its website that none of the animals in its supply chain had been treated inhumanely.

Here’s why you should ditch UGGs—along with a list of some great vegan dupes that are even cuter, if you ask us!

In the wool industry, before sheep are barbarically slaughtered for their skin or flesh, they’re often forced to live miserably in cramped spaces. Holes are punched in lambs’ ears, their tails are chopped off, and the males are castrated—all without painkillers. UGGs are a product of cruelty and suffering. 

Check out these animal-free alternatives to UGGs:  

PAWJ California

These boots look identical to UGGs—the only thing missing is the cruelty! They’re made with high-quality synthetic suede and faux fur or faux shearling, so they’re 100% vegan. 

Moo Shoes NYC

For high-end cruelty-free boots and shoes, MooShoes has you covered. Check out its Dr. Martens dupes while you’re at it! Vegan platform boots, anyone? 😉 


We all love Target, and it’s no surprise that it has a ton of wool-free boots to keep your feet warm and trendy-looking. 

Vegetarian Shoes 

These Snugge Boots are a cozy alternative to UGGs. Choose from a few styles and colors.  


This style of boot is vegan and super-cute. 

Vegan Style 

If you want something a little more high-end, look no further. Vegan Style offers gorgeous vegan boots that are available in a variety of colors and are made ethically in an all-vegan factory. 


With all these options, it’s no wonder people are giving UGGs the boot! Show the world that you, too, can stay warm and compassionate by stepping out in some vegan boots.  

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