Cruelty-Free Body Sprays: Find Your New Fave Fragrance

When you’re shopping around for fragrances, it’s important to avoid brands that test their products on animals. 😒 Testing on animals is cruel and completely pointless, and compassionate companies and brands know there are much better ways to make sure their products are safe. Your secret to smelling great shouldn’t begin with harming animals, so pick out your new fave scents from this list of cruelty-free body sprays. 🥰

Bath & Body Works

This retail chain and brand knows what works for compassionate consumers: fine fragrances that aren’t tested on rabbits, mice, or other animals. Try the smooth Wild Madagascar Vanilla, the tangy Watermelon Lemonade, or the cool Cucumber Melon mist.


LUSH’s body sprays are full of ethically sourced essential oils like neroli and olibanum. Go with the Twilight spray when you want to feel cozy, safe, and peaceful. When you want to get on your feet and celebrate, going with the Zesty spray is your best bet.


As a 100% cruelty-free company with top-tier products, Pacifica is an easy choice for fragrances. 👌 The Himalayan Patchouli Berry Hair & Body Mist is an explosion of colorful scents, and the French Lilac Hair & Body Mist is a springtime plant blend made in heaven.


That’s right—the most iconic men’s fragrance brand in the world is now officially cruelty-free. 👏 Going for a coconut, mango, or spiced latte scent? Axe has a critically acclaimed body spray for you.


MIX:BAR’s Vanilla Bourbon Hair & Body Mist has a sensual and sophisticated scent, and the brand’s Sparkling Hibiscus Hair & Body Mist is a refreshing blend of soft hibiscus petals and dark juicy berries. You can find these mists at Target.

Tree Hut

Also available at Target, Tree Hut’s Moonlight Glow Wellness Body Mist has warm notes of cassis and raspberry grounded by an amber base. The ultimate relaxing mist, it can help you reduce tension and promote a sense of deep calm. 🧘


Moroccanoil’s Hair & Body Fragrance Mist features the brand’s signature scent of spicy amber and sweet floral notes. Spray it on your hair, skin, or clothes as often as needed. (Don’t worry—the ultra-fine mist won’t mess with your hairstyle.)

Skylar Body

Not only is the Skylar Hair and Body Mist collection vegan and animal test–free, it’s also hypoallergenic. 😲 You can safely spritz it on your hair, your skin, and polyester or cotton fabrics.

Sol de Janeiro

Each scent from this brand is inspired by the beauty of Brazil. 😍 The Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist will transport you to warm, sunny beaches, and the Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 68 Beija Flor Perfume Mist will make you feel like you’re in a lush floral garden by the sea.

Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry has several sweet-smelling sprays, including Coco Blush, Queen Bee, and Sugar Berry. Target comes in clutch yet again with this one—find the scents at your local store, or order them online for delivery.

Ellis Brooklyn

Peaches, Sand, Sea, and Sun—these are Ellis Brooklyn’s perfectly named mists. Whether you’re feeling fun, seductive, calm, or joyful, you can pick a mist to match your mood.


Want to know whether a brand not mentioned here tests on animals? Use PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies database to look it up—or browse through fragrance products to find new cruelty-free scents. 😁

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