We Love These Cruelty-Free Hair Sprays and Styling Creams

So you’ve picked out the perfect outfit and you’ve got the best moves, but after a night of dancing, will your do actually do? Hold it right there, because we’ve got the ultimate list of cruelty-free hair sprays and styling creams to help ya out.


These hair sprays get stunning results without harming any animals in the process. Whether you want to make your curls bouncier, maximize volume, or give your hair a silky shine, there’s a spray here for you.

AG Care



Bumble and bumble.

Cake Beauty

Giovanni Cosmetics

Herbal Essences

John Paul Mitchell Systems



Verb Products


Not into spray? That’s OK. 😄 Try these cruelty-free styling creams and gels to create a unique hairstyle and hold it for hours.

Carol’s Daughter

Jack Black





Don’t let the situation get hairy! You’re going to need to touch up your masterpiece at some point in the evening, so do yourself a favor by packing some necessities from these brands so you can be flawless all night long.

AVA Haircare

Bumble and bumble.


Why choose cruelty-free? Because the opposite is cruel. In order to test hair sprays and other products, some companies pay laboratories to smear harsh chemicals directly onto animals’ bare skin or into their eyes. Animals used in these experiments aren’t given pain relief, and most are confined to cramped, barren cages and killed without ever being able to feel sunshine or grass or know what it’s like to be loved. Cut products tested on animals out of your life, and always shop cruelty-free.

Need ideas for cruelty-free cosmetics? Check out our list of brands sold at Sephora.

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