Your Guide to Cruelty-Free Lashes

False lashes can be a stylish, fun addition to your beauty routine, but keep your eyes open (pun intended): Some companies still test their products on animals or make their false lashes with fur, causing animals to suffer and die. 😢

If you wear mink lashes, you’re wearing fur, which is really freakin’ creepy! Minks are clever semiaquatic mammals who purr when they’re content and crave the freedom to live as they please.

A ton of compassionate companies make fur-free lashes and refuse to sell their products in China, where animal testing is legally required. We applaud brands that make gorgeous false eyelashes without involving animals at any stage in the process. 👏

Whether you wear false lashes daily or just on special occasions, you can feel good buying these products, which are 100% animal test–free and fur-free:

AZLO Lashes

AZLO has you covered, whether you want your lashes to look classy, sassy, elegant, radiant, resilient, or fierce. Opt for any of these styles, or get the Alpha Collections Box with all six!

Black Moon Cosmetics

Astrology buff? Black Moon Cosmetics designs lashes to match each astrological sign, like the ones for Aries—loud, proud, and sure to draw attention.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics is a trusted cruelty-free brand with a wide selection of false lashes. Try the Weylie x e.l.f. Luxe Lash Kit 2.0’s long, lightweight lashes for major volume and grace.

Gimme Lash

Gimme Lash is loaded with dazzling false-lash designs. Jaz is black and wispy, Princess Jaz is fine and feathery, Faux Me is fluttery and seductive, and Dominatrix is strong and shameless.

MOTD Cosmetics

MOTD Cosmetics is a woman-owned brand stocked with cute and comfy false lashes.

Tigress Beauty

Want to rule your domain? Tigress Beauty’s Empire lashes are your new go-to. With a cat-like flare accentuating the outer eyes, these bold lashes can help boost your confidence and assert your authority.

The tarteist PRO line of cruelty-free lashes from Tarte Cosmetics is vegan and latex-free, and it includes 10 styles to suit any mood. Whether you want the full and fluffy Sassy or the big and beautiful Goddess, you’ll surely find one that’s right for you.


If the word that sums up your taste in lashes is “bold,” look no further than the KISS My Lash But Bolder (MLBB) option. As the name suggests, these lashes are meant to help you make a fearless entrance wherever you go.


Sugarpill’s Porcelain lashes are light, comfy, and great for all-day wear. They’re also latex-free, reusable, and perfect on the upper OR lower lid. Talk about sustainable!

NYX Professional Makeup

Like getting the best deals and savings? The ultra-flexible Jumbo Lash! from NYX Professional Makeup can be reused up to 15 times! Now that’s a smart way to buy beauty products.


Choosing cruelty-free lashes will make your eyes pop and your heart warm with the knowledge that you’re showing compassion for animals. 😍

Looking for more vegan products to bolster your beauty routine? Use our online database to search for companies that don’t test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients.

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