Packing Your Lunch? Try These Delicious Vegan Puddings

Craving a creamy, sweet snack that’s kind to animals? You can’t go wrong with delicious vegan puddings. 😋 These tasty treats contain NO eggs or dairy, so eating them deals a major blow to industries that keep chickens and cows in cramped pens and steal what’s rightfully theirs.

Pudding is a perfect dessert to pack in your lunch or save for an after-school snack. Show compassion to animals in the tastiest way possible: Try these vegan puddings today!


Let’s kick things off with Royal, a brand dedicated to making sweet treats like vegan Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana Cream, Butterscotch, and Pistachio instant pudding. You can whip up these heavenly snacks with ease.

Sun Tropics

Are you team tapioca pudding or rice pudding? Either way, Sun Tropics has you covered! Tapioca lovers can go with the Original, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, or Jackfruit flavors, while rice stans can enjoy Original, Chocolate, or Cinnamon coconut milk rice puddings.

365 by Whole Foods Market

Next time you’re shopping at Whole Foods, grab the store’s 365 brand almond milk pudding. Choose Chocolate or Chocolate & Vanilla pudding cups. Both are gluten-free and kosher, and they’re perfect if you’re pressed for time, since they’re premade—no mixing required!

Simply Delish

How can such irresistible pudding be sugar-free? That’s what you’ll be asking as you savor Simply Delish’s Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, or Butterscotch pudding.


Zen is a 100% plant-based pudding company with mouthwatering flavors like Coconut Milk Chocolate, Coconut Milk Vanilla, Hazelnut Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. Each velvety spoonful will sink you deeper into a zen-like state of bliss. 🧘

Petit Pot

Have you ever had pot de crème? This thick French dessert is a cross between custard and pudding—and it slaps. Petit Pot offers delicious Dark Chocolate and Oatmilk Chocolate pot de crème flavors in addition to a light Vanilla rice pudding.


WayFare, another completely vegan company, offers three tasty dairy-free pudding flavors. Try Vanilla for a smooth classic, Chocolate for a rich treat, or Butterscotch for a sweet and salty fusion.

Dr. Oetker

Dr, Oetker makes top-tier vegan powdered pudding mixes, like its divine Original Vanilla. Just add your fave dairy-free milk, stir it, and enjoy. These are available on Amazon.


You can easily enjoy delicious snacks like these without causing harm to any animals—the proof is in the pudding. 😅 Going vegan is the best way we can help animals, and the process is smoother when you have a helping hand. Order our free “Guide to Going Vegan” for crucial tips, top recipes, and more.

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