Our Fave Animal Hair–Free Makeup Brushes

Not-so-fun fact: Your makeup brushes may contain real animal hair or fur, commonly taken from squirrels, minks, sables, horses (sometimes called “pony” or “camel” hair), or goats. 

And no, it wasn’t collected from a hairbrush—most animals used for their hair or fur are raised on cramped fur farms and endure terrifying, painful deaths as they’re gassed or anally electrocuted. Sometimes their skin is torn off their bodies while they’re still alive and able to feel pain. 

Fortunately, affordable cruelty-free alternatives are easy to find! They’re also easier to clean and shed less than hair or fur versions. And they’re totally versatile—you can use them with cream or powder products. 

Show off your inner beauty by choosing vegan makeup brushes from these brands: 


Pro-tip: Check every item you buy to see if it was tested on animals or contains animal hair! Sometimes you might have to write to the company that makes a particular product, but it’s worth it to make sure you’re not supporting cruelty to animals. 

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