These 12 LGBTQIA+ Activists Take Pride in Being Vegan

For LGBTQIA+ vegans, “coming out” convos are a part of life—whether they’re about who we love, how we identify, or what we eat. Personal experiences related to being queer can make it easier to empathize with others, so it makes sense that a growing number of these individuals are speaking up for animal rights. 🌈 These 12 LGBTQIA+ vegan activists are leading the way in this inclusive and compassionate movement:

1. Alayna Joy (@missfenderr)

With almost half a million YouTube followers, Alayna constantly puts out videos that fill us with joy. 😉 Her fans have followed her coming-out story for more than a decade, and she’s proved herself an unstoppable force in the crucial LGBTQIA+ YT community.

2. Calen Otto (@unruly_traveller)

This podcast host and travel guide author always takes the initiative to defend LGBTQIA+ individuals and animal rights. They have fun, informative posts on how to travel and experience the world without harming animals.

3. Billie Lee (@itsmebillielee)

Writer, producer, comedian, trans activist, and vegan Billie Lee covers a lot of ground in her life. See everything she’s up to on her IG page, where she’s attracted more than 100,000 followers.

4. Geneviève Irene Laforce (@gen_laforce)

This digital creator makes content about being queer, traveling, and vegan food. If this sounds like your perf formula, follow their adventures on their IG page.

5. Harley Quinn Smith (@harleyquinnsmith)

Harley Quinn Smith isn’t just an actor (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Season 1 of Cruel Summer), a musician, and an LGBTQIA+ activist—she’s also a vegan advocate. She got her dad—director/producer Kevin Smith—to go vegan, and they’ve joined forces in several vegan-related projects.

6.  Kyra Green (@kyra212green)

If you’ve seen the dating reality show Love Island, you’re prob already in love with 2019 contestant Kyra Green. Their IG page has posts on all things queer, music, and vegan.

7. Eli Levi (@elileviofficial)

Eli Levi is a vegan esthetician and makeup artist, so they know how to get flawless animal-friendly looks. Check out their profile for the latest on cruelty-free skincare and makeup.

8. Kate Louise Powell (@katelouisepowell)

Queer artist and advocate Kate Louise Powell is a key player in the vegan community. Her art almost always focuses on themes of peace, love, and animal liberation.

9. Gabi + Shanna (@27 Travels)

Imagine traveling the world with your soulmate. 🌎✈️❤️ Vegan wives Gabi and Shanna are living the dream, and their travel page is great inspo for all of us who share that same goal.

10. Hari Tahov (@haritahov)

Producer, actor, and model Hari Tahov is a huge supporter of LGBTQIA+ individuals and animal rights. Their IG is filled with delicious vegan treats, fashion advice, and glimpses into their creative projects.

11. Zacchary Bird (@zaccharybird)

Zacchary Bird, author of The Vegan Butcher, has helped revolutionize the world of vegan meats by creating animal-free versions of dishes like whole roast duck and salmon. He uses his online profile to stand up for LGBTQIA+ and animal rights (and show off next-level dance moves).

12. Jabari Brisport (@jabaribrisport)

Jabari Brisport is the first openly gay person of color elected to the New York State Legislature. 🙌 As a vegan state senator, he supports banning the sale and manufacture of fur clothing and redirecting subsidies into programs that help dairy farmers transition out of the industry.


We can’t choose our sexual orientation or gender identity, but every day, we can choose to help others who are suffering. Make one of the most rewarding choices of your life by going vegan—check out our “Guide to Going Vegan” to get started! 🌱

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