The 7 Biggest Perks of Having a Vegan Bestie

Friends make life better, and when a friend holds the same core beliefs and values as you, this can allow you to connect on a deeper level and have a more meaningful friendship. Here are seven of the biggest perks you can look forward to when you have a bestie who’s also vegan:

You’ll be able to enjoy a meal together. Humans love breaking bread—it’s our thing! You and your vegan bestie can swap exciting recipes and make each other food that you’re both genuinely happy to eat. And when you go out to restaurants, you’ll be interested in the same places and have a like-minded person to share meals with. Yay for getting to try multiple things on the menu!

Your wardrobe will double in size. When you look in your closet and suddenly realize you hate all your clothes and you have nothing to wear (all of us every day), fear not—your vegan bestie will have wool-free jackets, vegan leather bags, and cotton tops you can swap.

You’ll have an extra set of eyes and ears when it comes to discovering new vegan things. Picture this: Your vegan bestie tags you in an IG post about a vegan festival in your town that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about, and you two make plans to go together. Your vegan BFF can fill you in their favorite cruelty-free makeup, the tasty new vegan cheese they just tried, the most effective cruelty-free deodorant, and so on. And you’ll finally have someone to share all your knowledge of all things vegan with.  

You’ll agree on an activity with no problem. Since vegans are aware of the suffering that animals endure in the entertainment industry, they avoid going to roadside zoos, circuses, and aquariums and seeing movies that use animal “actors.” Instead, they’re up for fun things like snorkeling, hiking, going for a bike ride, seeing gigs, going to circuses that use only human performers (like Cirque du Soleil), and visiting animal sanctuaries. Your vegan bestie is the perfect companion to not ride elephants or go dog-sledding with while on vacation, too.

You’ll have someone to flex your activist muscles with. Having a friend to check out vegan meetups and animal rights demos with makes events like these seem a lot more approachable at first.

You’ll have someone to relate to. Being a vegan in a not-yet-vegan world can have its quirks, but your vegan bestie will understand—because they, too, know what it’s like to be a little ahead of their time.

Your vegan BFF will inspire you with their courage and warm you with their love. Being around someone who thinks for themselves, aligns their actions with their beliefs, and takes a stand in the face of injustice is freaking empowering! Who better to spend your time with than a bold and compassionate bestie who stans equality and is an anti-speciesist angel walking the Earth? And because your empathetic vegan bestie cares so much about others that they literally wouldn’t take honey from a bee, there’s no doubt that this will be the most supportive and rewarding friendship you’ve ever had.

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