Forget SeaWorld—Visit These Places During Summer Break Instead

Summer break is finally here! After nine months of homework, tests, and study sessions, you deserve to treat yourself to some summer fun. But there’s one place you should never go: SeaWorld. 🤢 As an empathetic person, seeing whales, dolphins, sea lions, and other animals imprisoned and suffering would make you sick.

Instead, you can help end SeaWorld’s cruelty by taking your business elsewhere. Have a blast on outings to places like these that don’t contribute to animal suffering:

Amusement or Theme Parks

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Get your thrills at an action-packed amusement or theme park that doesn’t use animals! You can zip through the air on a high-speed roller coaster, test your skills on an interactive adventure, and win cute prizes playing captivating games.

There are tons of parks across the country with delicious vegan food choices and animal-free attractions. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida just won a Vegan Superstar Award from PETA for offering a huge selection of tasty vegan treats at eateries marked with green leaf logos. 🥳


Keep your mind sharp while school is out by heading to a museum. The great thing about museums is that you can pick a subject you love—like art, history, or science—and immerse yourself in a place completely dedicated to that topic.

By choosing where to go and which exhibits to see, you can create a personalized learning journey for your unique brain. And as a cherry on top, many museums give admission discounts for current students!

Water Parks

Do sweltering temps make it hard for you to stay active? Cool off at an indoor or outdoor animal-free water park. 😎 With slides, diving boards, and splash zones, water parks are super-fun places to spend hot summer days.

Just remember to choose one that doesn’t use animals as entertainment—you can easily plan a refreshing day without supporting a park that holds animals captive and abuses them for profit.

Music Festivals

Nothing livens up a summer day like live music. Grab some friends and head to a festival or concert featuring music you love. Whether you’re finally seeing your favorite artist or vibing to an unfamiliar band, singing and dancing with friends can boost endorphins and melt away stress.

The most important thing is to ensure that the only performers you see on stage are willing participants. This means no animals, who can’t consent to being part of an act.

Animal-Free Circuses

Thanks to years of dedicated advocacy by animal rights supporters, more and more circuses are removing animals from their shows. Going to a human-only circus is thrilling—you’ll be dazzled by daring acrobatic acts and amazing feats of balance, flexibility, and agility.

Circuses like Circus Vargas have hair-raising attractions like teeterboard stunts, Motorcycle Madness, and the Wheel of Death. If you want to sit back and enjoy some first-class entertainment, search for animal-free circuses to find a compassionate performance near you.

Animal Sanctuaries

If you’re set on seeing animals this summer, visit a sanctuary that’s accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. These places provide exceptional care for animals in need and never exploit them for encounters or breeding.

Visiting a sanctuary near you is one of the best ways to see animals thriving and acting naturally. Some offer educational tours, so check before making plans to visit.


No one’s summer break activities should support animal exploitation. SeaWorld and other companies hold animals captive against their will and use them for profit. Thankfully, all of us can take action to save them from lives of abuse: Learn how to help animals used for entertainment to join the fight against this cruelty!

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