How Gemini Season Will Impact Your Animal Advocacy

The warming temps and last days of school mean Gemini season is finally here! It runs from mid-May to mid-June and is symbolized by the Twins—a sign of curiosity and versatility. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 So how can this Zodiac sign affect your animal advocacy? 🤔 See what Gemini season has in store for you:

Be a Social Butterfly

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Gemini energy (plus the end of the school year) may make you want to juggle a busy social life. 🤹 Being a social 🦋 can make you a super-effective advocate. The more folks you talk to and the more places you go, the more you can spread compassion and animal rights info. 👌 Be careful not to exhaust yourself by taking on too much—just keep it light and flutter from one situation to the next. You know your limits, so take care of yourself and have fun socializing. 🥰

Flex Your Communication Skills

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Feeling extra-communicative lately? 🤔 If so, Gemini season is working its magic, so use those communication skills to boost your advocacy. ✨ You can speak up for animals in convos with friends, at tabling events, or even while swiping through dating apps. (Gemini season might make you flirty af. 😏) If you see someone on a dating app who’s holding up a dead fish they killed, try talking to them about it. Pro tip: Put “Vegan” or some other animal rights message in your bio to attract true hotties. 😍

Try Something New

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Now’s the time to be adventurous. Break out of your comfort zone and take a chance on something brand new. 😲 You could try vegan cheese for the first time, attend your first protest for animal rights, or come up with a unique way to attract attention to your cause. (Eye-catching outfits and displays never fail. 👀). It may be a little scary trying something new, but it’s sooo worth it when you find out how much you like it.

Learn a Lot

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Gemini season inspires endless curiosity, so take the opportunity to read up on animal rights issues. 📖 Our learning webpage has the content you need on all kinds of topics—from animals used for experimentation to companion animals. Educating yourself about animal rights is one of the best things you can do to become a better advocate—and it’s such a good feeling to be able to spit facts about the issues whenever needed. 🗣️🔥

Be Besties With Animals

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So many Gemini season traits can help strengthen your friendships—so why not share that energy with the animals in your life? Make your animal companions’ day by playing with them, giving them a gentle massage, or just spending more time with them. 🐶🐱 You can do the same for the animal companion(s) of someone you know or ask your local animal shelter how you can help the animals there. Everyone needs a bestie, and developing a strong bond with an animal is hands-down one of the most rewarding things in life. ❤️


Ready to take advantage of what Gemini season has to offer? Think about how you can apply these tips to your advocacy efforts and start saving animals through Gemini-inspired actions! 😍

If you’re wondering how your specific horoscope ties into animal advocacy, peta2’s “Your Sign to Save Animals” campaign is an astrology and advocacy lover’s dream mash-up.

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