Love Cheese and Cows? Get These Tasty Vegan Cheese Brands

What do you do when you love cows and cheesy foods? 🤔 The dairy industry tears cows away from their fams, steals their milk, and sends them to slaughter when they’re no longer seen as productive. 😢🐮 We shouldn’t prop up this cruel industry by eating dairy-based cheese. The simple solution is to eat vegan cheese instead! 😅 Try any of these brands or companies for delicious, cow-friendly vegan cheese.


Founded in 2007, Daiya is the OG vegan cheese revolutionary. The company makes animal-free slices and shreds, mac and cheese, and cheesy pizza for all sorts of occasions.

Kite Hill

Wanna know one of the many reasons why Kite Hill is passionate about honeybees? 🐝 The animals cross-pollinate almond trees. 😲 When you’re enjoying the brand’s almond milk cream cheese or ricotta, be sure to thank bees.

Miyoko’s Creamery

Based in California, Miyoko’s Creamery donates to animal sanctuaries and partners with awareness orgs in addition to making tasty vegan treats. Try the company’s artisan mozzarella or cinnamon raisin cream cheese, which are both made from nourishing, high-quality ingredients.

Follow Your Heart

Tracing its roots back to 1970, Follow Your Heart is a long-time vegan cheese staple. Its blocks, slices, and blue cheese and feta crumbles are tasty, kind to cows, and free of added sugar. 😊

Field Roast

Shop Field Roast’s Chao Creamery for shreds, slices, and Mac ‘n Chao in Creamy Original or Chili flavors. Bonus: The brand also offers 👌👌 vegan meats.


Violife offers shreds, slices, and tangy, velvety smooth cream cheese in flavors that taste very much like their dairy-based counterparts. 😋 Ong, nonvegans probably wouldn’t taste the difference.

Vtopian Artisan Cheeses

This 100% vegan business based in Portland, Oregon, makes its cheeses from organic fair-trade cashews. All its selections are high in magnesium and rich in protein and iron, giving your bones, teeth, heart, muscles, and gut a healthy boost. 🦴😁❤️💪


The folks at MyLife created BioCheese to give us bussin’ meals and snacks without harming cows. 🙌 Try the blocks, slices, and shreds—or enjoy the Halloumi raw, grilled, or fried as a tapas-style snack.


If you’re looking for gluten-free artisanal vegan cheese, Treeline’s cashew-based products always come in clutch. The company specializes in silky, spreadable French-style and goat cheese–style options as well as pimento, ricotta, and other delicious offerings.


Ready for some flower power? 🌻 Spero uses sunflower seeds to make delicious cream cheeses, spreads, and animal-free goat cheese.


With more calcium and less fat than average dairy-based cheese, GO VEGGIE’s products are the move if you’re all about nutrition. Use its Mexican Style Shreds for tacos, Chive & Garlic Cream Cheese Alternative for bagels, and Grated Parmesan Style Topping on pizzas and pasta.

Parmela Creamery

This creamery uses whole cashew milk to make bomb vegan cheese. Enjoy cow-friendly shreds and slices in flavors like Fiery Jack and Sharp Cheddar.


Need a new artisan vegan cheese plug? 🤷 Reine’s premium cheeses come in irresistible varieties, including Cracked Pepper Dill and its limited-release Heirloom Tomato. They contain no soy, gluten, or sugar. 🙅‍♀️


Home to the first authentic vegan cheese cave in North America, RIND is a true innovator. It offers a stunning selection of slices, spreads, and mini wheels.

Credo Foods

Sparked by the desire to make delicious vegan eats, Credo Foods launched amazing cashew and oat milk queso products. 😍 With no cholesterol or added sugar, they’re perf for health-conscious people.

Mother Raw

If you’re allergic to nuts, we see you! 👀 Mother Raw offers stunning nut-free queso options in Original, Spicy, and Nacho varieties. You can use the queso as a dip for your chips or spoon it into warm macaroni pasta for instant mac and cheese.

Fauxmagerie Zengarry

This company’s name is a little tricky to pronounce, but the ingredients in its spreads are as simple as can be. Raw cashews, water, and quinoa are some of the key ingredients in the Sundried Tomato & Basil and Cranberry & Pistachio spreads.

Plant Perks

This woman-owned and family-run company dominates vegan cheese spreads. 😤 With short ingredient lists and yummy flavors like smoked gouda, sriracha cheddar, and garlic and herb, you really can’t go wrong buying from Plant Perks.


Moocho makes mouthwatering vegan shreds and spreads. Use the shreds for tacos, pizza, and nachos and the spreads for bagels, wraps, and even desserts like cupcakes. (The strawberry flavor hits best here.)


Choose among the olive oil–based or coconut-based cheese wedges, wheels, shreds, blocks, cubes, and other products. No matter which of these items you go for, you’ll be helping to drive down the demand for dairy. ❤️


Know what goes hand in hand with so many of these vegan cheese products? Delicious vegan meats! Check out our list for a rundown of the best vegan meats you can buy.

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