Need a Suit for Prom? Shop These Vegan Looks

Gearing up for prom? This spring’s celebration is a great chance to party with friends, but don’t kill the vibe by wearing a suit made of materials that animals suffered for.

Instead, make an entrance in a stunning vegan suit to show classmates that clothes can be comfortable and stylish without exploiting animals. 🤩

Cotton Suit

Stand up to the wool industry in a snazzy cotton suit from J. Crew. Cotton is known for being breathable and comfortable—the perfect combo for going hard on the dance floor—and best of all, no animals are beaten or restrained to produce it. Organic cotton is much better for the environment and the people who grow it than conventional cotton.

Linen Suit

Linen, made of flax fibers, is another light and comfy animal-friendly fabric. Zara sells straight-fit linen suits with European-grown linen outer shells and polyester linings, so they’re totally vegan. If you’re on the search for a classic suit design accentuated by a crisp textured pattern, look no further than Zara’s linen collection.

Image from Zara's website of gray marl linen suit.

Bamboo Suit

It might be hard to believe by looking at thick bamboo stalks, but bamboo fabric is one of the softest materials you’ll ever find! It’s also extremely eco-friendly, sturdy, and even crease-resistant. Make a lasting impression at prom as an environmental champion with this Harry Brown bamboo-polyester blend suit from ASOS.

Velvet Suit

Are you wondering how you’ll channel your inner calm during a high-energy prom? Try being draped in velvet! While it has traditionally been made of silk, brands like Fashion Nova take a compassionate approach by making suits out of synthetic velvet. If you want a laid-back yet sharp look, velvet is as cool and classy as it gets.

Image from Fashion Nova's website of velvet suit

Polyester/Viscose/Elastane Suit

Finding a dream prom suit can be a bit tricky for a compassionate shopper, but one retailer wants to make it way easier. Nordstrom has dozens of suits—specifically designed for prom—made of vegan materials. Synthetic fibers like polyester and viscose make extremely practical vegan fabrics. Many of Nordstrom’s vegan suits run small, so consider ordering a size up.


If you’re getting your suit tailored, there are a few things to watch out for. Some suits are lined with silk, so ask that yours be lined with polyester, viscose, rayon, or cupro (a biodegradable cotton material). The innards holding a suit together can be made of horsehair, and the pads and Melton can be made of wool. 🤢 Ask your tailor to use plant-based or synthetic materials instead. Even the buttons on a suit can be made of animal horns or shells, so look for buttons made of other materials, like corozo nuts.

Image from Corozo Buttons' website of a Corozo button

Tie It All Together

Complete your prom fit with a nonsilk tie from Jaan J. This socially conscious company has such a diverse inventory that you can mix and match colors and patterns to find the perfect tie. But wait! Jaan J. also makes special PETA ties decorated with elephants, donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, and mice, and 35% of the proceeds go to PETA! By choosing one of these ties, you’ll be fashionably repping animal rights, supporting a vegan business, and helping us fight speciesism. Not bad for one tie. 😏


Want more tips on being a compassionate clothes shopper? Check out peta2’s feature on how to shop for animal-friendly fashion.

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