We Asked 13 Young Vegans About Their Fave Snacks—Here’s What They Said

Snacking is fr a huge part of student life. Up late studying? Keep alert with cookies. Rushing off to class? Grab an energy bar. Hanging with friends after school? Break out the chips. See what we’re saying? 😏

But just because something is important to us does NOT give us the right to ruin others’ lives. Cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals used for food deserve to enjoy their lives, just as we do. How can we help make sure this happens? As it turns out, our power lies in our snacking habits!

By choosing only snacks made without meat, eggs, dairy, or other animal-derived ingredients, we can help drive the demand for vegan food and save countless animals’ lives. So, what vegan snacks should you start enjoying? Here are the top picks, according to 13 young vegans:

Sabra Snackers Classic Hummus & Pretzels

Sabra Snackers give you the perfect amount of creamy hummus and crispy pretzels so you can easily dip and snack on the go.

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

All we had to hear was “vegan Doritos”—we’re sold.

The Good Bean Crunchy Chickpeas

Want a delicious source of plant-based protein? These crunchy chickpeas pack 6 grams of protein per serving, perfect for keeping those muscles on point. 💪


Power through your workout by fueling up with a LÄRABAR. Blueberry Muffin, Cashew Cookie, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip are top-rated choices, but all flavors are vegan.

Chex Mix

Traditional Chex Mix just might be the GOAT of nostalgic vegan food. The timeless blend takes us back to simpler days filled with awesome snacks.

Kettle Brand Potato Chips Jalapeño

What do Kettle Brand Potato Chips Jalapeño flavor and people who care about animals have in common? They’re both vegan and extremely hot. 😉🔥🌡️


All Hippeas snacks are totally vegan, even cheezy-flavored delights like Vegan White Cheddar puffs and Nacho Vibes tortilla chips.


PopCorners are always air popped, never fried. Want one more reason to try them? The Kettle Corn, Sea Salt, and Sweet Chili flavors are vegan. 😍

Frito’s Original Corn Chips

Classic chips keep coming in clutch. You can munch on original flavor Fritos knowing that no animals had to suffer for your snack.

Outstanding Foods

This plant-based company makes snack time super-nutritious with high-protein, dairy-free Cheese Balls, Puffs, and Pig Out Crunchies.

Dream Pops Crunch

Want a crispy, crunchy, chocolatey dessert in yummy bite-size balls? Dream Pops’ Crunch treats taste like candy milkshakes and have only seven ingredients, all vegan!

Back to Nature Classic Round Crackers

Pair Back to Nature’s golden-brown crackers with mouthwatering vegan spreads like the ones from Mikoyo’s, Treeline, or Violife.

Sweet Loren’s

TFW you’re baking vegan cookies and just want to eat the dough. 😩 If you can relate, dig into Sweet Loren’s cookie dough—it’s plant-based, gluten-free, and safe to eat raw.


Put these snacks to good use while the weather’s still summery—pack them and a blanket, grab some friends, and head out for a vegan picnic!

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