Follow These 9 Young Vegan Weightlifters for Max Gains

Are you tryna get better at lifting weights? 🏋️ Good news: As long as you take in enough calories and eat a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbs, you don’t have to change your vegan lifestyle at all. 🥳 Take it from these nine young vegan weightlifters: You can reach your greatest lifting goals while still never eating animal-derived foods.

1. Brian Turner

As the founder of Buff Vegans, Brian helps people achieve their ideal body transformations without relying on meat, eggs, or dairy. His page is filled with tips on eating vegan and lifting, and the pics of his results speak for themselves. 💪

2. Roberto ‘Berto’ Clemente

This runner and lifter’s page has everything we’re looking for: gym advice, vegan lifestyle snippets, and photos of bussin’ animal-friendly food. 😍 How can you go wrong?

3. Toni

Follow this account for an inside look at the lifting routines that keep Toni so toned. (Her name’s just a coincidence, right? 🤨 As a bonus, you’ll also see her beautiful travel photos from around the world. 🌎

4. Ezara Mae

Ezara takes us through all kinds of exercises—from bench presses to Bulgarian split squats. Whether you’ve been lifting for a while or never picked up weights in your life, this young fitness model and coach’s content can help you maximize your gains. 😤

5. Sage Rose

Whether you want to focus on your glutes, quads, back, arms, or chest, Sage Rose has you covered. 👌 With her informative videos showing the best lifting exercises for each area of the body, this vegan athlete knows what she’s doing.

6. Nishu Gupta

Nisha’s content is super-unique. She often highlights her weightlifting progression, giving us a glimpse of just how far she’s come. 🤯 Plus, her blend of posts on lifting and yoga is ideal for anyone looking to improve their full-body strength.

7. Brooke Sellers

This nationally qualified bodybuilder has helped over 500 clients reach their goals—but you don’t have to be a client to follow her lead. Just scroll through Brooke’s page for some of the best weightlifting and vegan food inspo out there. 😉

8. Kierstin De Koeyer

From showcasing great protein-packed vegan foods to demonstrating proper lifting form, Kierstin gives us so much useful gym-related content. 😊 She’s all about helping you have a good relationship with the gym, food, and your body. 🙌

9. Seraphina Schinner

Once you start picking up techniques from Seraphina’s videos, you’ll be lifting like a pro in no time. Plus, you can follow her food-themed IG account to get delicious vegan recipes for butternut squash brownies, red velvet cupcakes, chickenless sandwiches, and other tasty treats. 😋


You can 100% reach your fitness goals without compromising your vegan values. Check out our vegan power guide for a complete rundown on how to get buff while keeping animal-derived foods off your plate. 🍽️🌱

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