peta2 recently turned 16, and we’re reflecting on some of the most exciting highlights of our work over the years. As a peta2 supporter, you’ve played a role in many of these important victories for animals.

Ben the Bear

Ben spent six long years imprisoned in a chain-link cage at a North Carolina roadside zoo called Jambbas Ranch before PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and activists (like you!) were able to free him from extreme suffering. He was removed from his dirty, cramped enclosure at the roadside zoo and moved to a beautiful accredited sanctuary in northern California called the Performing Animal Welfare Society.

When Ben explored his new home for the first time, he pawed at the ground—most likely because it was the first time that he’d ever felt grass beneath his feet. Now, he gets to feel it every single day.

Chinchillas Rescued From Fur Farm

PETA helped rescue 420 chinchillas from disturbing conditions on a fur farm that marketed itself as a breeder of “pets.”

The animals had been forced to live in filthy cages on the farm, where many chinchillas had been skinned and slaughtered so that their coats could be sold for clothing. But because of concerned people like you, hundreds of the animals were rescued and put up for adoption.

Gajraj the Neglected Elephant

Gajraj’s story is a heartbreaking one. Humans likely abducted him from his forest home when he was 12 years old—back in 1965. He was forced to live on chains in a small village in India for over 50 years. He was originally used to beg for money from tourists, but when he became too sick to do this, he was left to suffer alone, chained on a small concrete slab.

PETA India and international PETA affiliates found out about the neglected elephant and started a #FreeGajraj campaign. More than 200,000 compassionate supporters like you spoke up for him, and he was finally sent to heal at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center!

AirBridgeCargo Airlines Stopped Transporting Monkeys Used for Experiments


AirBridgeCargo was one of the last airlines to fly monkeys to countries—including the U.S.—where they would be experimented on. The monkeys were transported in small wooden crates that would become filled with urine and feces. The rides could last for up to 30 hours, and the animals were forced to spend the entire time in the dark cargo hold of the plane.

Once the monkeys reached their destinations, they were imprisoned inside tiny cages, cut open, poisoned, crippled, shocked, and eventually killed. But after thousands of people like you e-mailed and called the company, AirBridgeCargo notified PETA that it would no longer transport monkeys destined for laboratories anywhere in the world.

Volkswagen Stopped Testing on Animals

After The New York Times exposed that Volkswagen was paying for cruel tests in which monkeys were locked inside chambers and forced to inhale fumes for hours on end, thousands of PETA and peta2 supporters e-mailed the company, and PETA Germany protested outside the company’s headquarters. More than 160,000 compassionate people like you took action in the U.S. alone!

Because Volkswagen got such a backlash against the horrific tests, the company’s CEO, Herbert Diess, confirmed that Volkswagen will never again use animals for nonrequired testing.

Luxury Fashion Brands—Such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace, and DKNY—Banned Fur

Michael Kors Bans Fur

After years of protests by compassionate shoppers like you, multiple designers promised to stop selling clothing and accessories made from fur. Gucci and Michael Kors both announced fur bans at the end of last year, and in a recent interview, designer Donatella Versace said that she wouldn’t be using the cruelly obtained material anymore, either.

She said, “Fur? I am out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.” DKNY’s Donna Karan announced in March of this year that she, too, would be joining the list of fur-free designers.

Nosey the Elephant

Thousands of PETA and peta2 supporters continued to speak up for Nosey the elephant for many years until she was finally removed from the neglectful circus that exhibited her and placed at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Up until then, she had been trucked around the country and forced to give rides to countless people in many different states. Nosey was abused and often kept in chains.

Finally, an Alabama animal control officer obtained an order to seize her from exhibitors Hugo and Franciszka Liebel. A total of 1.8 million caring people like you have taken action to help her since 2012. The case isn’t over yet—it’s still being appealed—but we’re working hard to ensure that Nosey is never returned to a life of chains and neglect.

New York City Banned the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses

Last year, the New York City Council voted to prohibit all traveling circuses from bringing wild animals into the city, which was a huge victory for animals used in circuses.

PETA and peta2 supporters were outside almost every performance in the city, protesting, holding signs, and passing out information in order to speak out against circuses that use and abuse animals—and the city took notice. Now, no circus will be able to use any wild animals in New York City!


None of these terrific victories would have been possible without compassionate people like you who took action on our online petitions, shared our social media posts, and talked to friends and family about animal suffering! Keep up your wonderful work for animals by always taking a stand for what’s right. Never be silent.

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