No horse is safe from slaughter.

Royale With Speed, a grandson of Secretariat, was purchased by a horse meat buyer and was just hours away from being sent to slaughter when PETA stepped in. Royale With Speed has been adopted, but horses just like him—some tens of thousands of them—didn’t get away.

Royale with Speed was safely in our hands, but the 33 other horses on the horse meat buyer’s trailer were not as fortunate. A PETA investigator persuaded a driver to let her ride on the trailer while other investigators followed close behind for the entire grueling trip from Iowa to Quebec. The investigator documented how the horses suffered for 36 hours in subfreezing temperatures without any food, a drop of water, or even a chance to get off the trailer and stretch their legs.

These are just some of the 100,000 horses who are killed in Canadian slaughterhouses each year. After enduring a journey of hundreds of miles in cramped trucks, these horses are shot in the head. They are then strung up by one leg and have their throats cut. They end up on grocery store shelves.

Horses need your voice today: If you are a Canadian citizen, please urge your Member of Parliament to support C-322, which would ban the import and export of horses for slaughter for human consumption in Canada. Click here to find your Member of Parliament and contact them.