What’s a hoagie? For those of us who aren’t from Philadelphia, a hoagie is basically a sub. I like the word “hoagie” because it sounds cool and a lot fancier than it really is. I also like that it’s cheap to whip up one of these sandwiches when I’m strapped for cash. We’re all looking to save money, and that’s why I’m happy to share this week’s $5 Meal of the Week with you! Folks, I present the über-simple-to-make Tofu Hoagie.

Tofu Hoagies
1/2 loaf submarine bread (78¢ for 1 loaf, or 39¢ for 1/2 loaf)
3/4 block pre-baked tofu ($2.49 for a 7-oz. block, or $1.87 for 3/4 block)
4 bell pepper slices ($2.45 for 1 organic bell pepper, or 70¢ for 4 slices)
3 tomato slices (70¢ for 1 organic tomato, or 42¢ for 3 slices)
1 handful spinach ($2 for 1 pkg. organic spinach, or 30¢ for 1 handful)
2 Tbsp. Annie’s Naturals BBQ sauce ($3.69 for a 12-oz. bottle, or 74¢ for 2 Tbsp.)

Total Cost: Approximately $4.42

  • Preheat the oven to 400°F.
  • Slice the submarine bread horizontally, about three-quarters of the way through, and place on a baking sheet with the tofu. Bake for about 10 minutes.
  • Wash and cut the spinach.
  • When the tofu is warm and the bread is toasted, open the bread and layer with the vegetables. Place the tofu on top of the veggies, and slather on the BBQ sauce.
  • Close the hoagie and enjoy!

Makes 1 serving

Simple, tasty, and easy to customize—that’s how sandwiches should be. Get your hoagie on, folks!