Air France is the only major airline in the world that still ships monkeys to their deaths in laboratories. Here’s how it happens:

1. Every year, more than 20,000 monkeys are shipped to laboratories in the United States.

1. monkey in cage

2. Some are traumatically captured in the jungle …

2. monkey and baby in tree

Kina 2009 0539 | Einar Fredriksen | CC BY-SA 2.0 

3. … and some are the babies of wild-caught monkeys who are bred on decrepit factory farms in Asia and Africa.

3. monkey in large cage

4. On these farms, monkeys starve …

4. starving skinny monkey

5. … are injured …

5. sad injured monkey in cage

6. …and die.

6. sad dead monkey in cage

7. Here, a breeder shows off his “product”—a new mother—while her baby still clings to her.

7. monkey and baby

8. When it is time for transport, monkeys are locked in small shipping crates.

8. monkeys shipped air france

9. Here, terrified monkeys wait on the tarmac to be loaded onto a plane.

9. monkeys airplane air france

They are often loaded right under the feet of unsuspecting passengers.

10. Sometimes the monkeys are not given food, water, or veterinary care and die excruciating and terrifying deaths during multi-stop journeys that can last more than 30 hours.

10. dead monkeys

11. Those who survive the grueling flights are loaded onto trucks and sent on days-long cross-country trips to laboratories.

11. monkeys on truck

12. They are dark, terrifying places.

12. monkeys cages

13. Monkeys are subjected to painful, invasive, and irrelevant experiments.

Monkey experiment

14. Monkeys are starved and restrained in order to force them to participate in experiments …

14. monkey in lab animal testing

15. … are infected with diseases …

(video still) monkey lying on a table, lab tech holding a syringe

16. … and are roughly force-fed chemicals and drugs.

16 monkey animal testing lab

17. Their heads are drilled into, and objects are screwed into them.

primate, Frik, with a device on his head in a cage

18. Ultimately, they are killed.

(video still) monkey with injuries being restrained by a person

19. These horrors continue, even though more than 90 percent of drugs that pass animal testing fail in human trials.

19 injured monkey in lab cage

20. But there is good news!

20 monkey mother and baby in grass

21. Thanks to pressure from PETA, we’ve seen a 40 percent drop in the number of monkeys being shipped to laboratories in the U.S.

21 china southern demo protest

That’s nearly 10,000 monkeys!

22. Airlines such as United, China Southern, and Philippine Airlines are listening to consumers and refusing to ship monkeys to laboratories.

22. philippine airlines demo protest

23. And Air France is now the only major airline in the world that still flies monkeys to their deaths.

cromwell air france

24. Once Air France stops, we’ll be seeing way less of this …

25. … and way more of this:

How can you help monkeys?

Tell Air France to join every other major airline in the world by not shipping monkeys to their deaths in laboratories!

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  • Going abroad? Don’t fly Air France until they stop this cruel practice.
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