Alicia Silverstone wants you to go vegan. In fact, she’ll stop at nothing to convince you that ridding your life of animal products is really the best thing you can do for animals—and for your health, too, in case you care about that. Why, she even appears in “le buff” in our racy new PSA to show you just how sexy vegans can be.

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As if that weren’t enough, she even has a special message for you about what being vegan means to her and how it’s changed her life—obviously she’s doing something right; she wasn’t crowned the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian r nothing!

A Message From Alicia

Like most people, I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals. If you ever have a chance to meet a cow, pig, turkey, or goat, you will see that they are just as cute and funny as your dogs and cats and that they, too, want to live and feel love. They don’t like pain. Now when I see a steak, it makes me feel sad and sick because right away, I see my dog or the amazing cows I met at a sanctuary.
I’ve been vegan for nine years, and it’s the single-most important and helpful decision I have ever made. Physically, the effect has been amazing. Once I went vegan, I lost the weight I wanted to lose, my nails were stronger, and my skin was glowing. I feel great.
Being vegan truly is the secret to my life’s joy and peace. I feel physically and spiritually better than I could have ever imagined knowing that I am doing everything I can to reduce animal suffering with simple lifestyle choices like being vegan, never wearing any products made from animals (like wool and leather), and buying only from companies that NEVER test their products or ingredients on animals.
Join me—won’t you? Together, we can make the world a more peaceful place for animals.

Convinced yet? We thought so. Now why not give your taste buds a treat by trying a few of Alicia’s favorite vegan recipes?

macncheese copy

Vegan Mac and Cheese

vegan pizza recipe

Spicy Vegan Pizza Bagels

 Chocolate Chips

Blissful Brownies

Wanna do more to help animals who are abused by the meat industry? It’s simple: Stop eating them. Take the Pledge to Try Vegan and get animals off your plate. And help Alicia spread the word by sharing her PSA!

Do even more for our animal friends by not wearing them! With all the alternatives to leather, wool, and fur available today, there’s no reason why any animal should be in your wardrobe. Some of the animal-friendly fashions you’ll likely find in Alicia’s closet are from designers like Stella McCartneySteve Madden, and everyone’s Internet fave,

Blinding bunnies and maiming mice for makeup? As if! Alicia only buys products from companies that don’t test on animals, and you can too. It’s super easy to find cruelty-free cosmetics. For everything from feathery lashes to shiny lips, you can put your best face forward with some of her faves, such as Gabriel blush, Aveda mascara, and Dr. Hauschka eye shadow.

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