We all live for the joyous looks on our animal companions’ faces when they see us. It doesn’t matter if that animal is a dog, cat, horse, or even a pig! Every single being on this Earth is unique, including animals, and they all deserve respect.

Now, we dare you to watch these videos without giggling like a 4-year-old: 😉

This dog loses his mind when he sees his human for the first time in three years. (We don’t know what that noise he’s making is, but it’s freakin’ adorable.)

This ridiculously sweet kitty is so excited to see her best friend that she runs down the hall. Who wouldn’t want a greeting like that?

Somebody is a total mama’s girl. ❤️

That’s not a tear—my eyes are just itchy. That’s all.

This man documented how his adorable cat greets him at the door every day for a whole week. Now that is true love. 

This man was only gone for five minutes … 😂

And finally, sometimes animals are just happy to see each other. 

Animals make our lives better! They give us so much joy—so let’s return the favor. Never buy animals from pet stores or breeders. Buying animals from pet stores adds to the companion-animal overpopulation crisis and supports abusive breeding facilities. Help animals by always adopting from open-admission shelters! 

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