Confession time: I have a HUGE, embarrassing girl crush on Ariana Grande. She’s not just super-talented and super-beautiful—she’s also super-compassionate! Like, can we please just be best friends now? #fangirling4life

ariana grande vegan tweet

When this vegan superstar is not working hard in the studio, you can find her speaking out against SeaWorld’s cruelty and rocking some awesome PETA merch.

ariana grande blackfish tweet

Obsessed with Ariana just as much as I am? Then steal her cruelty-free look for less!

steal ariana grande look for less
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Remember: Just like Ariana, you don’t have to sacrifice looking cute to have compassion for animals! Many stores sell a ton of cruelty-free shoes, bags, accessories, and more! Need some help? Check out our cruelty-free shopping guide!

Oh, and don’t forget the very best part of the look …