How does one of the most successful pop stars on the planet spend her free time? Surprisingly enough, she spends it a lot like we do here at peta2. 🙂

This past weekend, Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Ariana Grande proved yet again why everyone at peta2 wants to be her best friend, when she visited a farm animal sanctuary in the San Francisco Bay area.

Best weekend ever?! We certainly think so, and these pics are tough to argue with. (Warning: cute overload)

this angel got his head stuck in the gate #cutest #friendsnotfood @preetirangsanctuary #datsmile

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Harvey kisses #preetirangsanctuary

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buster #preetirangsanctuary

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#love #preetirangsanctuary

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After her trip to PreetiRang Sanctuary, Ariana posted, “[C]an’t express what a magical experience it was. My heart is w[ith] those babess!” According to its website, the sanctuary serves as a home for farmed animals “who are in danger of abuse and early death.”

Visiting a sanctuary is an awesome way to spend some serious bonding time with animals in their natural environments (i.e., not in a tank or on someone’s plate). Fingers crossed that we get an invite to Ariana’s next sanctuary outing. We’ll bring the vegan snacks! 😉

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