PETA has just learned that the U.S. Department of Defense has ended the mutilation of goats and pigs for a career progression training course for Army combat medics. This means that for one more training area, Army combat medics are now relying on superior non-animal training methods, such as human-patient simulators, which will save numerous animals every year!

Under pressure from PETA, the Army has already stopped stabbing and shooting animals during the training of nonmedical service members.

The policy change occurred because PETA, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Congress, and thousands of caring people like YOU encouraged the military to conduct studies—which showed that human-patient simulators teach lifesaving battlefield medical skills as well as or better than cutting up and killing animals.

Pigs and Goats Still Need Our Help

Despite this progress, the Department of Defense continues to use thousands of animals each year for training drills in other areas. During these exercises, medics intentionally injure live animals before eventually killing them. 

Live pigs are shot, repeatedly stabbed, and set on fire, and soldiers cut off live goats’ legs with tree trimmers. These trauma exercises put troops’ lives at risk, as experts agree that drills on live animals don’t adequately prepare medics and others to treat humans in the field.

[peta-gif gif_id="12538" width="400"] Sometimes goats wake up during the horrible exercises because they aren’t given enough anesthetics.

PETA is leading the effort to modernize military training, ensure that troops have the best training tools available to save lives, and spare animals’ lives.

Human-patient simulators are already in use instead of animals at several military trauma training facilities and at more than 99 percent of civilian medical centers that teach the most widespread trauma training course. Let’s keep the pressure on the U.S. military to stop using animals in ALL trauma training exercises!

Tell Congress to End ALL Military Trauma Training on Animals!