Dads are protective, caring, and funny, and they would do anything to see us be happy. And guess what? Human dads aren’t that different from animal dads!

Check out our “superdad” awards and be sure to leave a comment at the end to let us know if your dad makes the list!

The Hard-Working Dad Award goes to … THE HORNED OWL! 

Horned owl dad

Photo by: Joe Parks | CC by 2.0 

Human dads wake up at the crack of dawn to go to work to make sure that we have yummy veggie burgers on the table. Horned owls are no different! In winter, while his mate stays on the nest to take care of their eggs, the male horned owl heads off to find food for both of them. Once the chicks hatch, he makes sure he finds enough food for the new additions to the family as well.

The Fun, Playful Dad Award goes to … RED FOXES!

Red fox dad

Photo by: Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis | CC by 2.0 

Fun dads are the BEST, and in the animal kingdom, that title belongs to the red fox! Male red foxes love playing with their pups.  When it’s time for the young foxes to find their own meals, he doesn’t just let them go hungry—he hides food nearby, teaching the pups how to find food for themselves.

The Strict Dad Award goes to … SILVERBACK MOUNTAIN GORILLAS!

Gorilla dad

Photo by: Scott Calleja | CC by 2.0  

Dads are usually super-playful, but you know that when dad is upset, you better cut the sh*t and get in line. Male gorillas don’t kid around when it comes to parenting. They will lead their families to food, settle disputes, and even discipline an adolescent male gorilla who challenges him for dominance. Daddy gorillas are not kidding around, y’all!

The Modern Dad Award goes to … PENGUINS!

Penguin dad
Photo by: Chris Pearson | CC by 2.0  

Stay-at-home dads are the bomb, and penguins prove just that! Penguin dads take on the babysitting duty for the first two weeks after the egg is laid—they don’t even take a break to eat—while their baby mommas leave to feed at sea! The males will also feed the chick once he or she hatches.

The Nacho-Eating, Football-Watching Dad Award goes to … LIONS!

Lion sleeping dad

Photo by: Henri Bergius | CC by 2.0 

The thing my dad loves the most (after my sis and me, I hope!) is relaxing in front of the TV. Lions are not that different from my dad. OK, OK! They don’t watch golf marathons all day (BORING!), but they do enjoy relaxing and sleeping while the female lion goes looking for dinner.

 The Piggyback-Expert Dad Award goes to … BLACK-NECKED SWANS!

Swan dad

Photo by: Rennett Stowe | CC by 2.0 

There are many things that suck about growing up, but one of the worst has to be the fact that if my dad tried to give me a piggyback ride now, he would probably break in half. Not calling you old dad … just keeping it real! Male black-necked swans also love giving their babies piggyback rides. Cygnets (baby swans) will ride on their dad’s backs for warmth and protection when they are first born. How cute is that?!

The peta2 Dad Award goes to … YOUR DAD!

Remember: peta2 dads aren’t born—they’re made! 🙂 Check out our guide about how to talk to your parents about going vegan. 


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