While browsing the aisles of your local grocery store recently, you may have overheard fellow shoppers buzzing about Beyond Meat’s new Beyond Burger.

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People are going crazy over the mouth-watering patty because it’s much healthier than the average burger—with absolutely no cholesterol and 20 grams of protein per serving—it’s completely hormone- and antibiotic-free, and it bleeds delicious juiciness. Oh, and it’s completely vegan!

The Beyond Burger is so meat-like that it’s the first plant-based burger to be carried in some stores’ meat aisles.

It contains beets, which make it look like the real deal when you bite into it. (Don’t worry—it doesn’t taste like beets. ?)

But because the Beyond Burger is made entirely from plants, no animals had to suffer for it, and it’s better for human health and much more environmentally friendly than any burger made from animals. Ready to sink your teeth into one?

You can find the Beyond Burger at the following restaurants:

  • Next Level Burger
  • Veggie Grill
  • BurgerFi

Want to enjoy a Beyond Burger at home? Here’s where you can find it in stores:

  • Fred Meyer
  • King Soopers
  • Kroger
  • Ralphs (Here’s a full list of participating Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Kroger, and Ralphs stores.)
  • Safeway (Here’s a full list of participating Safeway stores.)
  • Whole Foods Market (Here’s a full list of participating Whole Foods Market stores.)

And more and more locations are starting to carry the veggie burger.

Not sure if a store near you carries it? Use Beyond Meat’s store locator to find the Beyond Burger closest to you!

One of Beyond Meat’s goals is to have the vegan burger carried by fast-food chains. While no chains have mentioned plans for the plant-based burger at their restaurants, McDonald’s former CEO Don Thompson joined Beyond Meat’s board last year, which makes one think that maybe even fast-food chains know that the future is vegan. ?

With more and more companies creating delicious and healthy alternatives to meat—which causes the suffering of countless animals and is destroying the environment—there’s no excuse not to take the pledge to go vegan!

Need help getting started? Check out our Guide to Going Vegan!