A lot of kids spend the days leading up to their birthday wishing for the newest toy or video game. But there’s one little guy who is using his birthday to SAVE LIVES.

Meet Cash:

cash beery hero for orca award

Cash is a 5-year-old kindergartener from Southern California. After seeing the documentary Blackfish, Cash learned the disturbing truth about orcas in captivity: that they’re stolen from their mothers, confined to tiny concrete tanks that are the human equivalent of a bathtub, and forced to perform unnatural tricks for food. This compassionate cutie knew he had to take action.

To help stop SeaWorld’s cruelty, Cash is dedicating his birthday to the orcas by asking everyone to ditch SeaWorld on December 22—his sixth birthday.

Ready for an overload of cuteness? Watch Cash’s video:

To thank Cash for speaking up for orcas and dedicating his birthday to stopping cruelty to animals, PETA Kids is honoring him with a Hero for Orcas Award!

hero for orcas award cash beery

You can help make Cash’s birthday wish for animals come true by NEVER going to SeaWorld and by sharing this video with everyone you know!

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