CONFESSION: I once had a teacher confiscate my personal set of markers in second grade because I wouldn’t stop doodling woodland creatures all over my arms during class. What?! I was an artistic free spirit as a child!

What my second-grade teacher failed to realize (sorry, Ms. Gilkey!) is that our bodies are great templates for us to express ourselves and for activism! Check out our latest set of missions that allow you to put your markers where your mouth is and start speaking up for animals!

peta2 free tilly arm missionTilly is an orca who was stolen from his family as a baby and taken to live in a concrete tub in SeaWorld, where he’s gone crazy. He’s been in captivity for 30 years. 🙁 F*** that noise! Spread the word among your classmates by writing, “FREE TILLY!” on your arm, and get points for it.

peta2 printable cow udders missionNobody wants to be the weirdo sucking on a cow’s boob juice, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening when people drink dairy milk. Um, NO. Show your friends how creepy dairy products are by wearing some of our “WTF Cow Udders” around campus.

peta2 animal testing makeup missionEvery year, millions of rabbits, rats, mice, and other animals are blinded, poisoned, burned, tortured, and killed for everyday items such as eye shadow, shampoo, and toothpaste. WTF?! Spread the word by creating the look of an animal who has just been tested on and sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

Every time you walk around your school or town, you have the potential to be a billboard for animal rights, so work it! 🙂

Don’t forget to join peta2 (it’s FREE) and to submit your pics for points for all this activism! Check out all the FREE goods you can get with them. 😀