Looking for a good read? Definitely check out Lucy Lemay Cellucci’s debut fiction novel True Colours.

True Colours is the latest book I dove into—and I’ll admit … I was really into it (like, I didn’t eat dinner I was so into it). Animal rights, adventure, and teenage angst? Yes, please!

Here’s a mini-review for you (don’t worry—no spoilers!):

Zoe, an animal loving high school student, struggles with most things that a teenage girl struggles with: concerned parents, a frustrating sibling, and at least one girl friend that’s only interested in boys and makeup. When the new school year begins, Alex from Zoe’s homeroom class steals her pencil box (he loans her own school supplies back as she needs them—the nerve!), and the boy she’s crushing on starts dating the cheerleading captain (dang, right?!). After her best friend ignores her at a sleepover to practice cheerleading routines, Zoe grabs a newspaper and sees an article about a protest against animal testing outside of Glam Girl Cosmetics—which is located close to her home. Zoe did what all of us have done—she did research on animal testing. Angry with what she found, and feeling isolated from her cheer-loving best friend, Zoe sets out on an adventure—that all peta2 staffers would advise you against—with the unlikeliest of partners (which all parents would advise you against). Peta2 even gets a shout out in this book. Raise the roof! ¯_(?)_/¯

I learned everything I know about book reviews from Reading Rainbow, so I’m certain I’ve left you wanting more.

You can grab it here, or ask your local library to stock it.

Happy reading!

Knowledge is power!

P.S. I just got word that this is the first of a four part book series. Cha ching!