Bring Me the Horizon says, “Vegetarians are hotter”; peta2 says Bring Me the Horizon is absolutely right! Yes, ladies and gents, it’s true – we’re a stunning bunch (and before you start, no, we aren’t counting Danny DeVito).

Bring Me the Horizon (or BMTH, for time’s sake) stormed quite unannounced onto the music scene in 2004, and before they’d even released a full-length album, they’d racked up a bloody Kerrang Award, hadn’t they?! Not only are they now peta2’s favourite band and by far one of the most fun bands we’ve ever hung out with, they are also a lovely bunch of lads who showed us their heart – or indeed “art” – for animals.

When we told the BMTH boys that KFC scalds chickens to death and cuts the beaks off baby birds, they wanted to help stop this cruelty, so peta2 set them to work with paper and pens to design some “Boycott KFC” posters! I think they’ve proved to fans and critics alike that they aren’t just a bunch of pretty-faced potty mouths!

Curtis Matt K Matt N Oli

Now watch what they had to say about being vegetarian and boycotting KFC. Apologies for the ropey camerawork; rest assured, she or he is going to get fired (this time)!