Oli “What a hottie!” Sykes is an empire in his own right. Not only is he the lead singer of one of the hottest bands of the moment, Bring Me the Horizon, which is about to embark on a world tour, he’s also a clothing designer and the owner of his very own clothing company—Dropdead! And now, the empire is striking back to star in a brand-new vegetarian ad for peta2!

Oli first went vegetarian after he saw one of our videos. He says, “When I saw how animals are tortured on factory farms, I couldn’t justify being a part of that cruelty. I thought, ‘Imagine if that were me.’ Straight away, I said, ‘That’s it—I’m going vegetarian.'” Check out Oli’s ad by clicking on the thumbnail image to the right.

Now check out the video that turned Oli veg, but don’t be selfish and keep it all to yourself—put the video online to share with your friends!