Popular rapper Cardi B recently switched things up and tried vegan food! In an Instagram story, the “Bodak Yellow” artist shared several takeout dishes—which included burritos, tacos, and pancakes—with her 26 million followers.

“First time eating vegan, y’all,” she said. “Gotta eat a little bit more healthy.”

Despite saying that she was trying vegan food for the first time, the Trinidadian-Dominican rapper reportedly enjoyed some earlier this year at Coachella.

Other celebrities are also making compassionate changes to their lives. Kim Kardashian recently posted on Instagram that she had ditched fur, claiming that faux fur is her “new thing.” Many cast members of Avengers: Infinity War, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Chadwick Boseman, and Peter Dinklage, support a full range of animal rights issues, like animal adoption and eating vegan.

Times are definitely changing, and we couldn’t be happier.

Feeling Inspired? Try Vegan!

Being vegan means that you can help save animals and eat super-delicious meals, too. Here are some benefits to keeping cruelty off your plate:

1. Have More Energy

Unhealthy foods can leave you feeling sluggish. Cutting out animal-derived foods can keep you feeling light and full of energy. On average, vegans are up to 20 pounds lighter than meat-eaters.

2. Help the Environment

Going vegan helps save the rainforests, combats world hunger, and is good for the Earth. The vast quantity of methane produced by animals raised for food traps heat in the atmosphere, which is a leading cause of climate change.

3. Eat Tasty Meals

Being vegan doesn’t mean that you have to eat bland, boring food. You can enjoy all sorts of yummy meals and snacks, like ice cream, burgers, pizza, and more. Check out our recipes for inspiration.

4. Save Nearly 200 Animals Each Year

It’s that simple ?????? #ReasonsToGoVegan ??

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By eating vegan, you’ll be helping to prevent animals from suffering. Being a real-life superhero to other sentient beings in your spare time is never overrated. ♥

Check out our “Guide to Going Vegan for recipes, tips, and more!