Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for one of our hottest Ink, Not Mink ads ever? Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver and NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco is representing and taking it off—his shirt that is—championing for animals everywhere in order to save their skin.

He holds some of the Bengals’ top records for most receptions and most receiving yards of all time, and now he’s going on the record with peta2 to tell you how the fur industry is gross and inhumane. Rabbits, raccoons, minks, foxes, and millions or other animals are housed in cramped and filthy cages wrought with disease, and skinned (often alive!) for their fur each year.

Chad Ochocinco would rather go naked than wear fur and support an industry of death, disease, and torture. He is an avid animal lover who has had companion animals his entire life, and in addition to renouncing the fur industry, he also recently learned about the horrible conditions animals suffer through in the circus. Safe to say, Chad Ochocinco won’t be visiting the big top any time soon.

Check out our brand new PSA and exclusive interview with Ochocinco, and then take our pledge to be fur-free today.