Looking for your feel-good moment of the week? HERE IT IS.

This week, the National Institutes of Health has announced that it will cut funding for most invasive experiments on chimpanzees and send at least 310 of the 360 federally owned chimpanzees currently imprisoned in laboratories to sanctuaries!

Instead of spending the rest of their lives behind bars, where all they’ve ever known is pain and misery, these chimpanzees will now be able to feel grass under their feet for the first time, swing from trees, socialize with other chimpanzees, and be just as nature intended  them to beFREE.

nih victory for chimpanzees
Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals 

Today’s historic announcement acknowledges what PETA has been saying since we started speaking out against this practice more than a quarter of a century ago: It is NOT OK to torment living beings whom we know suffer greatly from physical, behavioral, and psychological deprivation in laboratories.

This huge victory could not have happened without YOUR help! Want to do even more to speak up for primates? 

tell airlines to stop shipping monkeys to labs