Colbie Caillat is crazy about dogs—and not just the three lucky pups she shares her home with. She’s a sucker for all dogs.

When we met up with Colbie on her recent tour, she shared her thoughts on dogs and on what we should all be doing to take better care of animals.

Riding high on the success of her debut release, CocoColbie hasn’t let fame go to her head—she was as down to Earth and sweet as could be! We like that about her—a lot. We also like that she hasn’t let go of the lessons her mom instilled in her at an early age, like why buying animals from pet stores and breeders is out of the question and how important it is to spay and neuter your companion animals. Check out what else Colbie had to say in our exclusive interview.

Well said, Colbie. Inspired to get starting making things better for animals? Here’s how you can get started. Millions of dogs and cats are killed each year in the U.S. alone, simply because there are not enough good homes for them. Do your part to help put an end to animal homelessness by refusing to buy animals from pet stores or breeders. And always spay or neuter your animal companions it’s as easy as ABC. Click here to pledge to help end animal homelessness!